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Kuwait urges more in-depth int'l focus on Syrian children's suffering

Mon, Sep. 18, 2017
KUWAIT /GENEVA- 18 Sep 2017: Kuwait on Monday urged the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to look more closely and effectively into the situation of the children of Syria, which is deteriorating day by day, KUNA News Agency reported.

The remarks were made by the permanent representative at the UN and international organizations Ambassador Jamal Al Ghunaim during talks with members of the UN fact-finding mission in Syria.

Speaking about the mission's report, he said it generates "sorrow" due to the many continuing instances of breaches to the basic rights of Syrians.

Kuwait called on all sides involved in the conflict to stop these breaches, and the international community to work towards a settlement that ends the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Syria.

In this regard, Al Ghunaim particularly lamented the indiscriminate killing of civilians, particularly children, elderly and women.

Regarding children, he said that around 7.5 million within Syria have witnessed nothing but war, while another 2.4 million currently reside in refugee camps.

He also revealed that some 54 percent of the 179 people killed in the Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack were children.

Schools are not protected as they should be under international law, he warned, as they are continuously targeted by airstrikes representing a stark breach of children's rights.

This has forced families to refuse sending their children to school in fear they might be targeted.

Kuwait hopes that the future Syrian generation may be able to rebuild their nation and keep up with the global pace of sustainable development.

This is why Kuwait has put in huge efforts, in cooperation with neighboring countries to Syria, to offer financial support of children's education and healthcare.
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