IS acquits Egypt of enforced disappearance



Sun, 20 Aug 2017 - 02:35 GMT


Sun, 20 Aug 2017 - 02:35 GMT

ISIS militant- REUTERS

ISIS militant- REUTERS

CAIRO – 20 August 2017: Egypt has been charged of so-called ‘enforced disappearance’ since June 30 Revolution in 2013. Pro-Muslim Brotherhood claimed the Egyptian security forces detain and hide their supporters.

The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood has pressured the Egyptian state on claims that the security forces detain and secretly hide their members and supporters so that the Brotherhood could falsely accuse and sue the Egyptian state at international courts.

In 2016, the Egyptian security forces succeeded to identify extremists in Delta governorates who recruit youth, deceiving them that they would obtain lots of money when they fight for the militant group of Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq.

On the other hand, these recruited youth’s families did not know about their sons’ recruitment to IS and other militant groups. Therefore, they directly accuse the security forces of detaining their sons.

Egypt’s state news agency (MENA) reported in August 2016, that two brothers formed a terrorist cell in Sharkia governorate where they convinced young men of “the importance and necessity of Jihad in Libya and Syria against their national armies.”

According to MENA, the investigations revealed that false allegations claimed by the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood that accuse the security forces of arresting, torturing and hiding the Brotherhood supporters were baseless after disclosure of that terrorist cell in the Delta governorate.

Egyptian student Mohamed Magdy el-Dalaay - Press Photo

Alleged enforced disappearance cases

In August 2017, a 25-minute video recently circulated on social media platforms revealed that student Mohamed Magdy al-Dalaay, has joined the Islamic State (IS) militant group, despite widespread claims that he has been abducted by security forces.

Dalaay appeared in the video with the moniker Mosaab al-Masry, and was reciting hateful words and subversive ideas that sought to spread chaos in the Egyptian society.

Yehia Kedwany, member of Parliament in the committee of Defense and National Security, said that the video has acquitted security forces, as there are several reasons someone could disappear, such as if they join a terrorist organization or attempt to migrate illegally.

The student was said to have disappeared after being forcibly arrested two years ago.
Previously in April 2015, Romana police station located in North Sinai received a report regarding the disappearance of the student who was born in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate.

On November 24, 2015, the Swiss Inn Hotel in Arish City witnessed a huge blast of a car bomb. One of the two attackers managed to get inside the hotel, where a number of people were injured and killed as a result of gunfire and a subsequent suicide bombing.

Authorities reported at least seven dead, including two judges who had been in Al-Arish to supervise the country's second round of parliamentary elections, held the day before.
The IS’s Wilayat Sinai offshoot claimed responsibility in a statement released later the same day.

Later on, it was disclosed that one of the attackers was ‘abducted’ by the Egyptian security forces, while that terrorist attack uncovered the truth that he had joined IS without the knowledge of his family that accused the police of their son’s disappearance.

Hesham Abdel Wadod who joined IS, while the police was accused of secretly detaining him

In August 2016, clashes took place between the Libyan army and militants affiliated to IS which revealed some Egyptian men were among the IS militants involved in the clashes.
Hesham Abdel Wadoud fled Egypt towards Libya, while his family accused the security forces of secretly hiding and torturing their son at an unknown place.



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