Armed Forces in Sianai - File Photo
Armed Forces in Sianai - File Photo

Media must underline army's efforts to confront terrorists, Gabr

Sun, Jul. 30, 2017
CAIRO, July 30 (MENA): Head of the National Authority for Press Karam Gabr said on Saturday that the authority had discussed means of bolstering the pillars of the state in light of attempts to dismantle the army, judiciary, media and police.

Earlier, the authority held a meeting with the chief editors of the national press institutions to discuss the role of the national press in facing plots against the state and means of supporting the national causes.

In a press release, Gabr said that the army has undergone, since 2013, in a war against terrorism, adding that media must underline army and security forces' efforts to confront terrorists in Sinai.

"The Armed Forces had killed a lot of terrorists who sought to threaten Egypt’s security and stability while the terrorists killed a few number of the Egyptian forces," he said.

He pointed out that some media outlets shed light on terror attacks to convey a false message that insecurity is prevailing in Egypt.

Meanwhile, head of the Egyptian Press Syndicate (EJS) and board chairman of Al0-Ahram Abdel Mohsen Salama asserted the importance of media’s role in supporting the state especially in national causes.

Chairman of Al-Akhbar Yasser Rezq said that Egypt had foiled many plots that aimed to endanger the state.
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