Fustat Hills Park: Revitalizing Historical Cairo



Sun, 07 Jul 2024 - 09:40 GMT


Sun, 07 Jul 2024 - 09:40 GMT

Part of the Fustat Hills Park project - Cabinet

Part of the Fustat Hills Park project - Cabinet

CAIRO – 7 July 2024: With a vision to revitalize Historical Cairo, Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly has directed to intensify efforts to speed up the execution of the Fustat Hills Park project.

The premier made a tour of a number of projects carried out in Cairo on Saturday, including the Fustat Hills Park, ordering accelerating the project implementation.

The project will offer a window on Egypt’s history, and also aims to be a tourist attraction for regional and international visitors.

Fustat Hills project

Here is what we know about the project:

Located in the heart of historical Cairo, Fustat Hills Park is one of the largest parks in the Middle East, covering about 500 feddans.

Formerly a waste landfill, the park is being transformed into a central recreational hub.

The park’s cultural zone encompasses a main entrance gate and 4 restaurants and cafes spanning an area of 216 m².

It features 3 fountains besides infrastructure and agricultural areas covering 26,864 m².

Fustat Hills

The park aims to enhance historical Cairo, provide leisure spaces for citizens, and increase green areas.

The park comprises 8 zones and 14 gates, including modern, historical, and garden-themed entrances.

The project showcases various activities highlighting Egyptian heritage from different eras.

It promotes religious and cultural tourism and creates a new recreational space for Cairo residents.


The three hills

The park features three hills of varying heights with a water passage between them.

The Qasaba Hill occupies 13,000 m² and includes a hotel, service buildings, parking, an artificial lake, seating areas overlooking a waterfall, a pedestrian bridge, and a cafeteria.

The Heritage Gardens Hill includes visitor stands, restaurants, and a wooden area overlooking the lake.

The Al-Hafaer Hill serves as a service area with a promenade, exhibitions of Islamic and archaeological sculptures, a children's entertainment area, restaurants, and a theater.

The park also features an investment area of 131,000 m², overlooking Lake Ain Al-Hayah, with 12 restaurants, 4 commercial centers, and 4 parking lots.

There is an area for hosting large official celebrations, including the Roman Theater, water fountain, adventure area, service buildings, lakes, and agricultural areas.

The market area of the park covers 60,000 m² and is designed to stimulate tourism, support the economy, and promote traditional crafts.

The market area is being implemented in three phases and includes 19 commercial stores, parking, an artificial lake, agricultural spaces, and a 3-star hotel.



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