Tugboat factory launched as joint venture by Suez Canal, Red Sea Shipyard



Tue, 30 Apr 2024 - 03:35 GMT


Tue, 30 Apr 2024 - 03:35 GMT

Press Photo

Press Photo

CAIRO – 30 April 2024: Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority Osama Rabie inaugurated Tuesday in Safaga a factory for building tugboats as a subsidiary of the Red Sea Shipyard, and that was constructed and equipped in seven months.




The factory is a partnership between the Suez Canal Authority and the Red Sea Shipyard. It spans over 9,000 square meters, and consists of three divisions that are cutting, forming, and building, which are equipped to manufacture different types of vessels.




The partnership between the two entities is planned to include the foundation of a factory specialized in building modern boats as a first step to manufacture other types of vessels and export. The prospective project is pending the Cabinet's approval.




The factory has already built two tugboats out of 10 having a bollard pull of 90 tons. The type of the tugboats – to be delivered to the Suez Canal – is Rastar 3200-W, and their speed is 12 knots. As for their dimensions, they are 32 meters in length, 13.5 meters in width, and six meters in height.




The tugboats are designed by Robert Allan Ltd., and built under the supervision of French and Italian entities.




Admiral Rabie showcased that the authority had been diversifying its investments, as it founded firms in the sectors of fisheries, ship recycling, seaport development, and management of seaports and yachts.



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