Egyptian President Sisi takes 3rd term oath, details 7 priorities



Tue, 02 Apr 2024 - 01:19 GMT


Tue, 02 Apr 2024 - 01:19 GMT

CAIRO – 2 April 2024: President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi took Tuesday the oath for his third term extending until 2030 before the House of Representatives at the headquarters located in the New Administrative Capital, delivering a speech that detailed his seven priorities in the coming years.


President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi commenced his inaugural speech by thanking the Egyptian people for its confidence in him to run the country. "If it wouldn’t for the tremendous efforts deployed by the Egyptian people in the past years, the country could not have sustained the global challenges," he noted.


The president pledged to fulfill the Egyptian people’s ambitions in accomplishing more growth in all economic and cultural sectors as well as turning Egypt into a modern democratic state.


President Sisi detailed seven priorities during the 2024-2030 term. On the foreign-policy level, the focus will be navigating global threats safely and reinforcing ties with world countries.


As for the internal level, they include implementing the recommendations of the national dialogue pertinent to the political, economic and social aspects. That is in addition to launching comprehensive institutional reform that would reduce expenditure and ensure the sustainability of the public debt.


The economic priorities comprise enlarging the private sector’s role; expanding the surface area of agricultural lands; boosting local manufacturing; bolstering exports; turning Egypt into a hub for transit trade and generation of green hydrogen and renewable energy; and, completing alternative-housing projects for slum dwellers as well as the construction of fourth-generation cities. Further, the president pledged to maximize the economic role of the Suez Canal.


Among the economic sectors that will receive more care are those of tourism and ICT. That is coupled with creating more employment opportunities and enhancing education. With regard to social safety, the budget of the monetary subsidies programme Takaful w Karama will be raised, and the 'Decent Life' initiative targeting to develop rural villages will be finished.




Later, President Sisi laid wreath at the New Administrative Capital’s Memorial. He also witnessed the raising of Egypt’s flag at the People’s Yard overlooking the new presidential palace while the 21-gun salute and an air show were taking place.


Air show


In his speech, Speaker of the House of Representatives Hanafy al-Gebaly thanked the president for focusing on development, and empowerment of women and youth over the last decade during his two previous terms.



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