Egypt fully rejects forced displacement of Palestinians, keen to contain Gaza crisis: FM



Wed, 17 Jan 2024 - 02:43 GMT


Wed, 17 Jan 2024 - 02:43 GMT

CAIRO – 17 January 2024: Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry affirmed Egypt’s categorical rejection of the forced displacement of the Palestinian people as he received his Greek counterpart, George Gerapetritis, in Cairo on Wednesday.

In a press conference, Shoukry emphasized Egypt's keenness to contain the crisis in Gaza and prevent its escalation, warning of the regional and international dangers associated with potential escalation.

The Greek foreign minister also voiced concerns over the expansion of the Gaza conflict toward the Middle East and Lebanon. He hailed Egypt's stance in dealing with the crisis, affirming the need for reaching further immediate agreements to deliver aid to the people in the strip.

Gerapetritis stressed that Greece is exerting utmost efforts along with Egypt, a strategic ally in the region, to resolve the crisis in Gaza. He also expressed Greece's grave concerns over the hostile activities in the Red Sea.

The Greek foreign minister said he hopes that people in Gaza will live in peace without being terrorized or intimidated, which can be achieved through the two-state solution.

Furthermore, Gerapetritis expressed Greece's grave concerns over the hostile activities in the Red Sea.

Prior to the press conference, Shoukry and Gerapetritis discussed cooperation mechanisms between Egypt and Greece at various levels. They also reviewed efforts to end the war and dire humanitarian situation in Gaza and prevent the expansion of the conflict and discussed the situation of the Red Sea navigation security.

Shoukry stated that Egypt will host a summit meeting with Greek and Cypriot leaders soon, praising cooperation between the three countries.

Shoukry also praised Greece's role in delivering Egypt's voice to the EU, which contributed to enhancing relations between Egypt and the EU members and bodies.

For his part, Gerapetritis said the anticipated power linkage project with Egypt will contribute to the enhancement of relations between the two countries.



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