Egypt: Israeli ‘intransigence’ remains the primary obstacle for aid delivery to Gaza



Sun, 14 Jan 2024 - 04:20 GMT


Sun, 14 Jan 2024 - 04:20 GMT

The Egyptian Red Crescent delivers aid to Gaza - FILE/ERC

The Egyptian Red Crescent delivers aid to Gaza - FILE/ERC

CAIRO – 14 January 2024: Diaa Rashwan, the Head of Egypt’s State Information Service (SIS), has emphasized the Israeli authorities’ persistent intransigence and deliberate inspection delays as the main hindrance to the swift delivery of sufficient aid to Palestinians in Gaza.

After 100 days of Israeli aggression in Gaza, Rashwan stressed that the Rafah border crossing has remained open from the Egyptian side throughout the ongoing military escalation.

He added that Egyptian officials have consistently urged Israel to cease obstructing the flow of humanitarian aid and to stop intentionally delaying its delivery under the pretext of inspection.

Rashwan shed light on urgent and intensified technical efforts made by Egypt to facilitate the movement of trucks to Gaza through the primarily individual-focused Rafah border crossing.

Israeli struck the roads leading to the Rafah crossing at least four times but Egypt swiftly repaired the damage in a very short period of time, Rashwan noted.

Since the Israeli aggression started on 7 October, Gaza has received 7,000 tons of medical aid, 50,000 tons of food materials, 20,000 tons of water, 1000 tents, and other essential supplies, as well as 11,000 tons of additional relief aid, Rashwan said. Moreover, 88 new ambulances and 4,500 tons of fuel and butane have been delivered.

Rashwan added that approximately 9,000 humanitarian aid trucks have entered Gaza from the Egyptian side over the past 100 days.

Egypt has received 1,210 injured Palestinians and patients from Gaza for treatment in its hospitals and hospitals in other brotherly and friendly countries, along with around 1,085 accompanying individuals, he stated.

Furthermore, a total of 23,000 Palestinians, foreigners and dual nationals as well as 2,623 Egyptians have entered Egypt from Gaza, he noted.

Rashwan said that Egypt’s civil society, government, and individual donations have accounted for 82 percent of the humanitarian aid that entered Gaza during the Israeli aggression.

He stressed Egypt’s commitment to intensifying its efforts to expedite the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza and increase the quantity of aid to alleviate the unprecedented humanitarian crisis in the strip.

Last week, Rashwan refuted claims made by the Israeli defense team in front of the International Court of Justice that Egypt is to blame for the obstruction of the entry of relief and humanitarian supplies into the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing.

Rashwan said that all Israeli officials, including their prime minister, have repeatedly stated in public statements since the beginning of the aggression on Gaza that they will not permit aid, particularly fuel, to enter the Gaza. He added that this confirms the inconsistency and falsity of the Israeli claims.

The occupying power turned to accusing Egypt in an attempt to avoid being held guilty by the court, Rashwan stressed.



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