Highlights of developmental projects in North Sinai after Egyptian PM's visit



Tue, 31 Oct 2023 - 04:34 GMT


Tue, 31 Oct 2023 - 04:34 GMT

FILE - Students at school in North Sinai

FILE - Students at school in North Sinai

CAIRO – 31 October 2023: The Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) released Tuesday a report on the projects implemented in North Sinai in the past eight years and that are aimed at achieving human development on the levels of education, healthcare, and income among others.




The governorate spans over 29,000 square kilometers. Only 7.3 percent of its surface area is inhabited by 491,300. Of those, 61.7 percent reside urban areas. The unemployment rate is 14.4 percent, and that is 9,900 individuals. As for the number of the employed, it is 58,700, including 3,900 working in the manufacturing sector.


With regard to women, they compose 49.1 percent of the population, 31.3 percent of students at technical education, 45.3 percent at higher education, and 59.4 percent of beneficiaries of governmental microfinancing.


Healthcare, Education and Social Services


The number of healthcare units was raised from 79 in 2014 to 155 in 2021 in addition to introducing three new hospitals and upgrading three others making the total bed capacity in the governorate 421. The governorate has 101 ambulances and 249 public pharmacies.


The government also spent LE412.7 million on establishing 93 schools consisting of a total of 1,009 classrooms. That is in tandem with upgrading 129 existing schools at a budget of LE27.5 million. The total number of schools in the governorate is 625 comprising a total of 3,800 classrooms that can accommodate 121,700 students.


Regarding technical schools, they stand at 35. As for higher education, there are five public and private colleges. Further, there are seven libraries, six cultural centers, and a theater.


There are 70 youth centers, 23 sports clubs, 21 athletic fields, a stadium, 10,200 families enrolled in the monetary subsidies programme Takaful w Karama, and 93,700 families enrolled in the in-kind subsidies programme.


Housing and Infrastructure


Speaking of residences, 2,600 social housing units were built at a cost of LE652 million. LE17.6 million were spent on creating alternatives to two slums, while unlicensed areas in Arish have been rehabilitated at LE225.5 million. Further, 1,180 Bedouin houses were introduced at LE2.8 billion.


The governorate consists of 7,200 kilometers of roads and 39 bridges. The coverage percentage of water supply networks is 87.8 percent. And, LE120 million were spent on expanding the wastewater networks and recycling plant in Arish to introduce the service for 150,000 individuals. The number of licensed vehicles went up from 20,400 to 38,700, while the number of subscribers in the landline service hits 52,300.




The total surface area of lands cultivated with crops has reached 25,400 feddans (one feddan equals 4,500 square meters). Moreover, the number of cattle farms doubled to be 100, while those of pourtly recorded 684.


The governorate now houses 77 companies investing LE5.3 billion up from 66 investing LE2.4 billion in 2014. Those are operating in the sectors of services, constructions, manufacturing, and tourism among others. North Sinai is home to six hotels consisting of a total of 428 rooms, and two hospitality schools, as well as two natural reserves.



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