'Egypt to not allow resolution of regional issue at its own expense': PM



Tue, 31 Oct 2023 - 02:00 GMT


Tue, 31 Oct 2023 - 02:00 GMT

CAIRO – 31 October 2023: "Egypt will allow neither being subjected to a forced reality nor the resolution of a regional issue at its expense," Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli said Tuesday during a visit to Sinai Peninsula.  


The prime minister was accompanied by a delegation of politicians, journalists, parties' leaders, parliamentarians, and members of Sinai Tribes Union, and the visit included the headquarters of Battalion 101 in North Sinai.


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"We’re ready to sacrifice our souls so that no one would tamper with our lands…Sinai is Egypt’s most precious spot in the hearts of Egyptians as every family has a family member who was made martyr, got injured, or did his military service in Sinai," the prime minister stressed.


Madbouli highlighted that the only serious and comprehensive development plan for Sinai was set under President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi in 2014 and that it was in-progress. He showcased that the government had already created 11 Bedouin residential clusters in North and Middle Sinai.

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As for connecting Sinai with the mainland, the prime minister showcased that 11 tunnels had been extended beneath the Suez Canal for that purpose in addition to introducing Bardawil International Airport in Middle Sinai.


The prime minister stated that the value of the second phase of the developmental plan in Sinai is LE363 billion, including LE8.7 billion and LE8.3 billion allocated to the establishment and upgrade of educational institutions, and healthcare facilities, respectively.


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The budget also consists of LE115 billion that will be directed to building houses in North Sinai and that will be divided into 21 Bedouin residential clusters. In a related context, the prime minister revealed that the first phase of New Rafah had been completed, and that the construction of other phases would follow.


On another level, Egypt plans to implement 13 tourism projects in North Sinai at LE2.5 billion, as well as introduce industrial zones in the governorate’s towns of Rafah and Nakhl.


With regard to the transport infrastructure, Madbouli said that railway networks, stretching on a total of 500 kilometers, would be reintroduced in Sinai starting from Taba to everywhere nationwide.


In his speech during the prime minister's visit to North Sinai, Commander of the Egyptian Second Army Major-General Mohamed Rabie affirmed readiness to protect Egypt’s national security.


The commander also greeted members of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Police and tribes for “cleansing Sinai from terrorism,” saying that the explosive disposal was still ongoing.


Later, Prime Minister Madbouli inspected Rafah Border Crossing with Gaza Strip attending part of preparations to deliver humanitarian aid to Palestinians.



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