On World White Cane Day, Egyptian government details services provided to visually-impaired citizens



Sun, 15 Oct 2023 - 12:24 GMT


Sun, 15 Oct 2023 - 12:24 GMT

CAIRO – 15 October 2023: On the occasion of World White Cane Day, the Ministry of Social Solidarity detailed in a press statement Sunday the services provided to the visually impaired.


Those include paying the tuition of 6,500 visually-impaired students university at a budget of LE900,000, and providing 2,000 university students with laptops suitable for the condition.


An audio book library was launched for 45 students at the schools of science and literature at the University of Zagazig uploading 60 textbooks and curricula. The university has also been equipped with a lab consisting of 10 computers to run exams for the visually impaired.


With regard to schools, 51 schools at Cairo and Asyut have been equipped with the necessary technology in addition to training 698 teachers to deal with the cases. Further, white canes were granted to 26 school students. It is noted that the integration rate of students rose by 75 percent, with 122 have been integrated.


On another level, a retirement house was established, in collaboration with Al Nour w Al Amal Association, for visually-impaired elderly women, with a capacity of 36 individuals. Now, there are 30 women.


Also, there was cooperation with civil society to teach Braille language to visually impaired individuals, create audio book libraries, and deliver training on professions suitable to that type of disability. That is in addition to cooperation with recruitment platforms to assist with finding jobs, and providing help with starting micro businesses.


In terms of general services, caravans have been operated for the early diagnosis of visual impairment. ADA tactile guidance pathways have been introduced in 35 metro stations and 14 metro stations. And, 3,500 white canes have been distributed.



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