Egypt provides social assistance worth tens of millions of pounds to North Sinai residents



Mon, 04 Sep 2023 - 11:23 GMT


Mon, 04 Sep 2023 - 11:23 GMT

Minister of Social Solidarity Nevine al-Qabaj in a visit to North Sinai. September 1, 2023. Press Photo

Minister of Social Solidarity Nevine al-Qabaj in a visit to North Sinai. September 1, 2023. Press Photo

CAIRO – 4 September 2023: Minister of Social Solidarity Nevine al-Qabaj visited North Sinai Friday stating that 50,000 families in the governorate are beneficiaries of monetary subsidies and in-kind subsidies worth LE400,000 million per annum.


The ministry is also funding micro enterprises founded by women and youth in Sheikh Zoweyed and Rafah at a total of LE94 million. Further, it contributes to rebuilding houses, digging wells, and paying students fees at schools and universities.


The renovation of houses will be completed in three months. As for the micro enterprises, they are operating in the sectors of animal production, food industries, services, trade, olive oil extraction, cultivation of barley, production of animal feed, crafts, and handicrafts.


Soon, the ministry will distribute 2,600 school bags among children in Sheikh Zowayed and Rafah in addition to cooperating with Misr El Kheir to hold entertainment, cultural, and art activities for the kids.


Moreover, he ministry will sign cooperation protocols with six NGOs in Sinai in the fields of economic empowerment, digging wells, establishing and upgrading pre-school nurseries in Sheikh Zowayed, Rafah, Al Hasana Nakhl, Arish, and Beir Al Abd.


Regarding wells, 11 were dug in Sheikh Zowayed's Shalaq, while 70 others are being rehabilitated. A water treatment plant that would serve 15,000 families is being built at LE5 million.


In addition, the ministry paid the social insurance fees on behalf of Arish fishermen for the period of war on terrorism as their work had stopped.


On another level, The Martyrs Fund will disburse compensations worth LE195 million to 3,000 families of martyrs and injured in the war on terrorism.


The ministry also collaborated with the Egyptian Food Bank to distribute coupons on dwellers until they return to their homes. The ministry already distributed 100,000 food boxes and 110,000 kilograms of frozen meat.


Currently, a medical caravan affiliated to the Egyptian Red Crescent is present in the governorate offering services pertinent to reproductive health, women health, children health, and hearing, providing free treatment.


On the front of supporting the disabled, 4,467 received assistive devices whose total value is LE420,000. Moreover, a rehabilitating center will be established in each of Beir Al Abd and Sheikh Zowayed at LE5 million.


With regard to education, the ministry cooperated with the Red Crescent and UNICEF to upgrade 100 schools, and Misr El Kheir to modernize 56 schoolrooms.


Speaking of awareness, 1,173 lectures were held for 59,000 beneficiaries, and 11,267 visits to homes were paid by 18 social leaders, with a total cost of LE750,000.



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