New batch of Sudanese refugees requests registration with UNHCR in Egypt



Sun, 06 Aug 2023 - 08:58 GMT


Sun, 06 Aug 2023 - 08:58 GMT

CAIRO – 6 August 2023: The UNHCR indicated in a statement on August 3 that the number of new arrivals that had approached the commission for registration and other protection services in Egypt - as of July 30 - hit 47,489.


The number of Sudanese refugees registered with the UNHCR in Egypt amounts to 47,489. The breakdown is 57 percent females and 43 percent males. Ninety-four percent used to dwell Khartoum.


As for the desired destination, 44 percent prefer to remain in Egypt, and six percent aim for relocating abroad. Merely two percent are willing to return to Sudan, while 48 percent are undecided about where they want to stay.


The commission had pointed out earlier that the number of refugees and asylum seekers registered with the UNHCR - as of June 30 - is 314,301, including 35,557 that have been registered in 2023.


The breakdown in terms of country of origin is 147,999 (47 percent) from Syria; 77,140 (25 percent) from Sudan; 27,142 (nine percent) from South Sudan; 24,444 (eight percent) from Eretria; 16, 286 (five percent) from Ethiopia; 7,319 (two percent) from Yemen; 6,562 (two percent) from Somalia; and, 7,409 (two percent) of other various nationalities.


Regarding demographics, 51 percent are males, and 49 percent are females. Thirty-eight percent are aged 0 to 17, 58 percent are aged between 18 and 59, and four percent are 60 or older.


Further, Egypt hosts migrants and unregistered refugees whose number ranges between nine and 10 million, as stated by Egyptian officials in several occasions.



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