Egypt's Defense Ministry showcases achievements since June 30 Revolution



Wed, 28 Jun 2023 - 12:01 GMT


Wed, 28 Jun 2023 - 12:01 GMT

Egyptian Armed Forces logo - Official website

Egyptian Armed Forces logo - Official website

CAIRO – 28 June 2023: The Ministry of Defense and Military Production posted on its official Youtube channel Wednesday a video report on achievements accomplished in the sectors of housing, transport, and tourism over the past decade since June 30 Revolution.


The ministry pointed out that slum areas have almost been eliminated so as 1.2 million fully-furnished alternative-housing units were granted to families evacuated.


In a related context, a number of programmes were targeted at thousands of citizens who live below poverty line. The major ones are the monetary subsidies programme "Takaful wa Karama" and Decent Life Initiative concerned with developing the countryside where around 54 million live.


New cities were built to meet the staggering demand on residential units engendered by overpopulation. The most key ones of those are the New Administrative Capital, New Ismailiyah, New Aswan, New Mansoura, and others in Upper Egypt.


On another level, the purpose of establishing some of the new cities is increasing the flow of tourists. Examples of those include New Alamain and Galala City.


Regarding the transport sector, 7,000 kilometers of roads have been introduced in tandem with overhauling existing trains, purchasing new ones, renovating stations, as well as expanding and upgrading seaports with the aim of turning Egypt into a logistic hub.


The country also entered a new phase by introducing the LRT, which has already entered service connecting East Cairo together, high-speed electric train that would have both passenger and freight lines operating nationwide, and monorail stretching between East and West Greater Cairo.


Finally, Sinai got a fair share of development so as thousands of residential units have been built in Middle and South Sinai, as well as new cities such as New Rafah, and Salam City. The province equally witnessed another major project, which is the digging of the New Suez Canal.   


Moreover, five tunnels were dug beneath the Suez Canal to connect the peninsula with the mainland. Two extend to Ismailiyah, two others to Port Said, and one to Suez. Also, several floating bridges have been introduced.



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