Egyptian government disburses financial aid to families of fishermen banned from work abroad



Sun, 30 Apr 2023 - 10:27 GMT


Sun, 30 Apr 2023 - 10:27 GMT

CAIRO – 30 April 2023: Minister of Social Solidarity Nevine al-Qabbaj issued a decision Saturday to disburse emergency monthly financial aid to the families of fishermen who have been banned from fishing abroad for not abiding by the designated areas.


The decision provides granting each family LE1,000 per month for six months, and that the duration of the grant can be extended. The families are also given food, and get the tuition fees of the children paid.


The total number of fishermen banned, and who have been to Saudi Arabia, amounts to 70, including 66 who belong to Daqahliyah governorate, three from Suez, and one Port Said.


Minister Qabbaj stated in January that 680 fishing boats owned by small fishermen in Kafr El Sheikh, Sohag, and Luxor had been overhauled and substituted at a cost of LE 5 million within the "Safe Shores Initiative."  


One of the initiative's goals is subsidizing the renovation of boats by 50 percent so that 620 wooden boats, whose length ranged between 5.75 and six meters, were reconditioned in Kafr El Sheikh and Sohag. Also, 60 new boats, whose length is 4.25 meters each, were delivered in Luxor to fishermen who already had vessels.


As for fishermen who had not have ones, they received a total of 210 boats in the three governorates.  


The ministry is also disbursing LE 500 per month to the fishermen of the High Dam's lake in Aswan and Fayoum's Lake Qaroun as compensation to the fishing hiatus imposed to give room for the increase in fish resources.


The duration in the former was three months, while that in the latter is four months. The number of beneficiaries in Aswan is 3620, including 948 boat owners, and 223 in Fayoum.


The Ministry of Social Solidarity announced earlier in January on its website that, within its work to care for irregular workers, 42,000 fishermen have been provided with nets, financial support, and assistance with the renovation of small fishing boats.


The ministry also gave extra support to fishermen in specific geographical areas. For instance, fishermen in the lake of the High Dam were compensated for the ban periods set by the General Authority for Fish Resources Development.


In addition, LE52 million were paid to the fishermen of North Sinai who had sustained losses for four consecutive years since 2013 because of terror attacks.


The initiative targeted at fishermen is dubbed "Safe Shores," and consists of four services that are upgrading fishing boats, covering half the value of the social insurance subscription for those who need it, distributing refrigerated trucks, and installing solar panels. The ministry also studies creating small fisheries to make up for the fishing suspension periods.



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