Foreign Ministry celebrates 'Egyptian Diplomacy Day' marking historical event



Wed, 15 Mar 2023 - 12:48 GMT


Wed, 15 Mar 2023 - 12:48 GMT

CAIRO - 15 March 2023: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrated "Egyptian Diplomacy Day" which marks the declaration of Egypt's independence on March 15, 1922 after Egypt had been announced no longer a British protectorate on February 28 of the same year making the country entitled for self-representation.


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The ceremony was attended by incumbent Minister Sameh Shokry as well as former foreign ministers, Egyptian and foreign ambassadors, parliamentarians, and prominent academics and intellects.


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The ministry's spokesperson, Ambassador Ahmed Abou Zeid, noted in a press statement that the "Egyptian Diplomacy Day" is considered a sign of "appreciation and gratitude for the efforts and sacrifices made by members of the Egyptian diplomacy."


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The ambassador added that the ceremony is an annual event that allows the gathering of successive generations of diplomats. Moreover, a documentary was streamed to showcase the role of Egypt's diplomatic missions in reinforcing bilateral relations, creating strong networks, following up on regional and international issues of interest to Egypt, providing care to Egyptians abroad, promoting Egyptian culture, and holding ballots for expats to enable them to vote in elections.


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In that framework, Minister Shokry honored the names of a group of late ambassadors as well as ambassadors who retired last year and a number of in-service diplomats of various ranks.



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