Czech ambassador to Egypt Veronika Kuchynova Czech ambassador to Egypt Veronika Kuchynova

No plans to change travel arrangements to Egypt: Czech Amb

Mon, Jul. 17, 2017
CAIRO – 17 July 2017: No plans intended to change travel arrangements from the Czech Republic to Egypt, following the Hurghada attack, Czech ambassador to Egypt Veronika Kuchynova said on Tuesday.

The Czech citizen who was injured in the attack in Hurghada is recovering in Cairo’s Nasser Hospital, according to Kuchynova.

Ambassador Kuchynova praised the Egyptian authorities’ efforts, especially the visit of the Health Minister Emad El-Di Rady to the Czech citizen at the hospital to follow up her health condition.

Two German female tourists were stabbed to death after a man with a knife stabbed six tourists at a hotel beach in Hurghada, Red Sea.
The Injured tourists include two from Armenia, one from Russia, and another from Czech.

Egyptian security forces arrested the man, who swam from a neighboring beach and infiltrated the beach where the female tourists were staying at and stabbed them on Friday at noon.

The injured tourists were transported to a hospital, while the attacker is currently under investigation.
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