Egyptian president inaugurates projects in Sohag recipient of LE102B-worth of public investments



Thu, 05 Jan 2023 - 04:13 GMT


Thu, 05 Jan 2023 - 04:13 GMT

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi in a visit to Sohag's 'Om Doma' village on January 5, 2023. Press Photo

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi in a visit to Sohag's 'Om Doma' village on January 5, 2023. Press Photo

CAIRO - 5 January 2023: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi inaugurated Thursday a university, hospital, highway and industrial complex in Upper Egypt's Sohag where public investments worth LE102 billion have been injected since 2014.




Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli stated during the ceremony that 6,340 new classrooms were built in Sohag at a cost of LE2 billion, and that the government had built and equipped 32 hospitals and medical units at a cost of LE5.4 billion. Moreover, a children’s hospital is under construction in the governorate, and its capacity will be 263 beds.


As for the projects inaugurated by the president, they are the newly-built Sohag University Hospital, having a capacity of 300 beds and worth LE1 billion, and the new Sohag University worth LE2.8 billion and consisting of 10 schools. Three of those offer science majors, while the rest offer non-science schools.


The university's campus spans over 1,000 feddans, with a built-up area of 750 feddans. The prime minister noted that there is a plan to build another university in the governorate as well.


As for the realm of employment, Madbouli stated that LE212 million were disbursed as loans to create jobs in Sohag. He added that 178 industrial units had been established at a total cost that amounts to LE1 billion. The outcome of those efforts is the creation of 77,000 jobs in the governorate.


With regard to the quality of life, a slum area called “Al Dresa and Samakin” in Sohag has been developed by building 4,940 alternative-housing units in the same place, the prime minister announced. Also, 47 wastewater projects have been implemented in the governorate within a plan to make the network's coverage nationwide 100 percent up from 60-70 percent.


The president also inaugurated Tema Highway in Sohag, and West Gerga Industrial Complex that has been established to introduce 178 industrial units.


Executive Director of “Start” initiative Mena William says that the initiative helped with the establishment of three factories in West Gerga Industrial Complex. One operates in the sector of plastics. Another is in the sector of pourtly feed, producing 40 tons per day. And, the third is in the sector of sportswear and athletic shoes.


Upper Egypt


The prime minister revealed that the government accomplished by 83 percent a project aimed at introducing more residential units in the capitals of governorates so as 1,272 units are being built at a cost of LE1.3 billion.


Regarding transportation, eight highways have been introduced in Upper Egypt, and 14 others are still in-progress. In the sector of railways, 12 train stations have been renovated and 37 railroads have been overhauled in the southern part of the country.


In parallel, the government is implementing the Upper Egypt Development Program, which contributed to the establishment of 10 industrial complexes, housing a total of 2,600 plants and creating 26,000 jobs. The programme also added 8,800 megawatts to the grid, and introduced natural gas in 1.1 million houses.


The prime minister underscored that 14 new cities and 188,000 housing units had been built In Upper Egypt.


Warning of Overpopulation


President Sisi stated that LE70 trillion are needed to accomplish comprehensive development in Egypt. "However, it is in our capacity to invest just LE7 trillion, noting that the cost of maintaining utilities and public services must not be overlooked," the head of state pointed out.


The Egyptian President said that the cost of building one residential unit is LE700,000, and that the cost of introducing 60,000 classrooms is LE60 billion. That is in addition to utility bills and teachers' payment, warning of the repercussions of overpopulation.


President Sisi stipulated that the development of Upper Egypt had been among the priorities of the government, adding that the focus is on education, health, housing, and infrastructure.


Speaking of the global crisis, the president said, “The Russia-Ukraine War is close to turning one year old, causing an economic downfall worldwide...Nevertheless, we will continue the road of development we have started.”


Showing Appreciation


President Sisi honored some of the high-achievers of Sohag, including the names of 6th of October War Hero Abdel Rahman al-Qadi, and Late Grand Imam Mohamed Sayed Tantawy.


The president also honored the names of Major-General Nabil Farag, who was made martyr in an exchange of fire with terrorists, Late Actor George Sedhom, and Martyr Islam Abdel Moneim who died during an anti-terror operation.


Decent Life Initiative


President Sisi checked on projects implemented in Sohag within “Decent Life” initiative. Specifically, he visited 'Om Doma' village and its Family Medical Unit, and had breakfast with residents.


The president said that the government is adamant to complete the second and third phases of the “Decent Life” initiative, thanking more than 1,000 volunteers at the initiative, highlighting the nobility of their mission.



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