Egyptian agricultural exports hit more than 4.4 million tons in 2022



Fri, 26 Aug 2022 - 03:52 GMT


Fri, 26 Aug 2022 - 03:52 GMT

Photo courtesy of IFAD Facebook page

Photo courtesy of IFAD Facebook page

CAIRO – 26 August 2022: Egyptian agriculture exports from January to 24 August this year have amounted to around 4,491,099 tons, Minister of Agriculture El Sayed El-Qusseir has said.

A report by Ahmed El-Attar, head of the ministry’s Egyptian Agricultural Quarantine, has affirmed that the most prominent Egyptian agricultural exports this year are citrus fruits, potatoes, onions, grapes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, strawberry, beans, guavas, mangoes, garlic, and watermelons.

The total agricultural exports of citrus reached around 1.6 million tons, ranking the first among Egyptian agricultural exports, followed by potatoes at 831,696 tons.

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) released a statement on Tuesday detailing Egypt’s exports, whose value declined in May 2022.

This comes in spite of the increase in the total value of exports on year-on-year basis with 18.3 percent to hit $4.01 billion up from $3.39 billion.

Fresh fruit exports declined the most by 23.5 percent to become $123.1 million in May 2022 down from $160.9 million in May 2021, according to CAPMAS.

The category that comes next is pasta and canned food as their value dropped by 13.7 percent to be $70.9 million instead of $82.2 million.

The exports of pharmaceuticals plummeted by 10.3 percent to record $22.5 million compared to 25.1 million. Similarly, textile exports fell by 8.2 percent to be $17 million in comparison to $18.6 million.  

As for plastics, their exports decreased by 3.9 percent to be $17.6 million instead of $18.3 million. 



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