Sisi: Egypt urges addressing all means to achieve calm, reach diplomatic solution in Ukraine



Thu, 21 Jul 2022 - 02:09 GMT


Thu, 21 Jul 2022 - 02:09 GMT

CAIRO – 21 July 2022: President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has underscored Egypt’s fixed stance on the Russia-Ukraine crisis calling for addressing all means leading to achieving calm in Ukraine and reaching a diplomatic solution to the dispute.

In a speech at the University of Belgrade on Thursday, Sisi affirmed Egypt’s call for exerting all efforts to achieve these goals in a way that spare the world the negative impacts of this global crisis.

Middle East, Palestinian cause

The international community is still facing multiple traditional challenges, Sisi said, adding that Egypt supports all efforts aiming to preserve international security and stability.

This comes especially in light of the huge challenges that the Middle East regional witnesses to its security and stability and amid endeavors to divide nations, demolish their national institutions, and prioritize loyalties that are based on sectarian and doctrinal foundations, Sisi said.

He added that Egypt has called for adopting a comprehensive approach to face terrorism with all means and intensifying international cooperation to counter it.

Egypt calls for enhancing efforts aiming to clear the Middle East region from weapons of mass destruction in light of their dangers that threaten the survival of humanity and international peace and security, Sisi affirmed.

He also stressed that Egypt will continue to support the Palestinian cause until the aspirations of the Palestinian people are realized in the establishment of their future state on the borders of June 1967 with Jerusalem as its capital.

GERD, negotiations track

Egypt has adopted the negotiations track in tackling the water issue, especially the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) based on a set of constants, which reflect Egypt’s desire to develop bilateral relations with Ethiopia, Sisi said during his speech.

The president affirmed Egypt’s efforts and desire to expand the frameworks of cooperation and achieve a joint vision between Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia to address the implications of GERD.

“Egypt believes in the unity of purpose and destiny among the Nile Basin countries, especially Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, on the basis of mutual benefit, not causing harm, and working to achieve the interests of everyone,” Sisi said.

The president stressed the need for reaching a balanced and just agreement on GERD in a way that allows Ethiopia to achieve the economic development that it aims for and boost its capabilities of generating the electricity it needs.

“At the same time, [this should] ensure the interests of the downstream countries; Egypt and Sudan and does not cause harm to their water rights,” Sisi said.

He underlined the need to crystalize a comprehensive and legally-binding agreement between all relevant parties on the rules of filling and operation of the dam and to reject all unilateral acts that would cause harm to Egypt’s rights in the Nile water.

Climate change, COP27

Sisi affirmed that the international community is currently facing new challenges besides traditional challenges, on top of which is the issue pf climate change, adding that this issue requires cooperation from all countries.

“We all have to realize that climate change and global population increase are accelerating the pace of the crisis, which is now threatening many regions of the world,” he added.

Sisi affirmed that Egypt will host the World Climate Summit (COP27) in November in Sharm El-Sheikh as part of the country’s keenness to mobilize international efforts to combat climate change.

Egypt will aim, through the conference, to bring the world on the right track toward turning climate pledges into actions on the ground, especially regarding reducing emissions and backing developing country’s climate adaptation efforts, he added.

Honorary doctorate

Sisi received on Thursday an honorary doctorate by the University of Belgrade for his local development efforts and spreading the thought and culture of peace, cooperation and construction on the regional and international levels, the Presidency said.

The president of the university, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Serbia, the Serbian Minister of Education, Science and Technological Developments and members of the University Council have hailed the decision to grant Sisi an honorary doctorate degree.

They stressed that the decision comes in appreciation of Sisi’s role in leading Egypt in a tense period tainted with instability into a new stage of construction and development by adopting radical structural reforms nationally in both economic and social realms.

The doctorate degree also comes in appreciation for Sisi’s implementation of mega national projects in various sectors, which have significantly contributed to improving the services provided to the citizens and redrawing Egypt’s development map.

University officials hailed the Sisi’s efforts to improve Egyptian education, especially by maximizing spending on basic education and raising the level of higher education through a series of fundamental reform projects.

This includes establishing a number of technological and technical universities and upgrading curricula so that the country keeps pace with the latest international standards that fulfil the needs of the labor market.

The university officials also highlighted Sisi’s effective and tangible role to advance Egypt’s bilateral relations with Serbia especially at the academic and cultural levels.

This comes as a continuation of the historical relations between the two countries within the framework of the Non-Aligned Movement, they added.

The officials also praised Sisi’s focus on the economic dimension by promoting investments and launching the Egyptian-Serbian Business Forum and the Egyptian- Serbian Joint Business Council.

They also hailed Sisi’s active contributions to strengthening peace and cooperation regionally and internationally as well as his pioneer efforts in combating terrorism and illegal immigration.

Also, the University hailed Sisi’s tireless efforts at the level of combating climate change, which were culminated by Egypt’s hosting of COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh city.



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