Sisi on 2013 Revolution anniv.: Fully confident Egypt will overcome impact of current int’l crises



Thu, 30 Jun 2022 - 10:16 GMT


Thu, 30 Jun 2022 - 10:16 GMT

CAIRO – 30 June 2022: President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said he is fully confident that Egypt will overcome the impact of the current international crises as he marked the ninth anniversary of the 30th of June Revolution, 2013.

In a speech on Thursday, Sisi said he is fully confident that Egypt will also “continue its path uninterrupted toward building the developed state, stable and vibrant society,” noting that these are the big hopes that the Egyptian people aspire to.

“Your country is on the right path with a solid national will that seeks nothing but the common good and does not focus on anything but your aspirations towards a decent life and a secure and prosperous future,” Sisi said.

Facing ‘cursed’ alliance

In his speech, Sisi said Egypt faced waves of black terrorism and an alliance of evil and destruction that wanted and still wants to harm the nation.

“Those waves crashed on the rocks of the solid will of the Egyptians and as the wicked have failed before, they will fail again, God willing, with our cohesion and unity,” Sisi said.

The president praised the 30 June Revolution, saying it represents the capability of overcoming the impossible.

“The [revolution] is still the beacon of our work and the ray of light that inspires us to face the current challenges,” Sisi added.

Unprecedented economic situation

Sisi said Egypt has faced unprecedented economic conditions but relied, after the support of Allah, on the legendary perseverance of the great people “who once taught humanity civilization and modernity.”

“Today, [Egyptian people] give an example in realizing the value of the homeland and the importance of preserving it, while enduring the hardships for the sake of that,” Sisi said.

He affirmed that the Egyptian state has not taken these challenges as an excuse to delay “our battle for development and progress.”

Construction, survival

Sisi said the country proceeded on both paths in parallel, survival and construction to consolidate nation’s pillars and building the future.

“The arms of our sons and daughters extended to every corner of Egypt to build, construct and establish, with the will of God, new rules for glory,” he said.

He added that the tremendous effort that Egypt made in the past years cannot be wasted as the majority of people are now facing two of the most difficult and harsh global crises for all countries of the world, the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

“The magnitude of the damage that affected the biggest economies is no secret, causing disruption of global supply chains,” he said. “This is in addition to the war and the associated unprecedented food crisis, in terms of availability and prices.”

The president affirmed that if it were not for the National Program for Economic Reform, which has been implemented successfully and accurately since 2016, and the development efforts achieved in the past years that raced against time, confronting the repercussions of the current international situation would have been extremely difficult.

Remembering great heroes

Sisi said during his speech that we must remember our great heroes who sacrificed their lives to give us this precious blessing; the blessing of the homeland for which we thank God day and night.

“We remember our righteous martyrs from the Armed Forces and police, who are the sons of this people, and tell their families that they are alive with their Lord and have been provided for. They are alive in our hearts and in the conscience of this honorable homeland, which will never forget their benevolence.”



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