Egypt spends $2 billion on residences in North Sinai in 1 year



Thu, 28 Apr 2022 - 12:45 GMT


Thu, 28 Apr 2022 - 12:45 GMT

FILE – Recently-built houses in North Sinai

FILE – Recently-built houses in North Sinai

CAIRO – 28 April 2022: The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development indicated in a statement Thursday that LE2 billion have been allocated to slum elimination, housing, and infrastructure in Sinai in FY2021/2022.


Those compose 32.4 percent of the budget allocated to the governorate in the current fiscal year, as LE755 million are spent on the continuation of 17 new residential areas, while LE100 million are for creating alternatives for slum dwellers.


That is in addition to LE458.5 million for introducing water supply and wastewater networks, LE128.6 million for internal roads, LE59 million for expanding electricity networks, and LE15.5 million for enhancing environment friendliness.


The Egyptian Armed Forces posted a video in January giving an overview of the developmental projects carried out in Sinai over the past few years.


The number of those is 438, and their value is LE700 billion ($43.75 billion). The video says that the beginning was with digging the New Suez Canal followed by a transport network connecting the peninsula with the main land. That network consists of tunnels extended beneath the Suez Canal, floating bridges, and the under-progress rail bridge named 'Ferdan.'


In addition, 69 roads stretching over a total of 2,530 kilometers were paved, while Bardawil International Airport and Arish Port among others got renovated.


As for housing projects, three new cities are being introduced. Those are New Islamiliyah encompassing 250,000 residential units, New Rafah consisting of 10,000 units, and Salam Misr having 4,500 units. With regard to existing towns, 10,000 houses were built, while 45 Bedouin communities were introduced with a total of 4,100 houses.


Such constructions have been coupled with building schools, and renovating existing ones. Equally, 14 hospitals and 16 healthcare units have been introduced and upgraded. Also, 22 water treatment plants have been implemented.


Regarding job creation, 500,000 feddans (one feddan equals 4,500 square meters) are being reclaimed, while giant fisheries have been already accomplished. Speaking of the manufacturing sector, Arish Cement Plant, The Industrial Zone of Marble and Granite in Jaffjafa, and SCzone have been launched.  


It is noted that South Sinai is a tourist attraction so as Sharm El Sheikh Museum was introduced to add value to the resort town as well as three branches of King Salman University.



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