World Youth Forum releases 4th edition's agenda



Thu, 06 Jan 2022 - 11:49 GMT


Thu, 06 Jan 2022 - 11:49 GMT

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World Youth Forum logo

CAIRO – 6 January 2022: The World Youth Forum (WYF) released a statement Thursday showcasing the topics of the panel discussions held within the event running on January 10-13 in South Sinai's Sharm El Sheikh.


As the fourth edition is taking place amid COVID-19, the WYF will discuss "a number of vital topics that reflect the features of the new reality," in relation to the forum's three main axes, which are peace, innovation, and development.


Before the WYF kicks off, a number of preparatory workshops will be held on January 8-9 tackling the need to review 2030 SDGs, the future of the African continent; digitalization; education, and Generation Z's perception of the post-pandemic world.


The forum will also highlight adopting wise water policies, facing environmental challenges, and growth of the global role of startups. That is in addition to the "Decent Life" initiative.  


The opening ceremony will be on Monday followed by a session on COVID-19 as a warning to humanity, and an opportunity to push forward development and cooperation among states.  


The two next days will cover climate change, future of healthcare, and behavioral and psychological repercussions of the pandemic, in addition to developmental experiments in the face of poverty.


Other topics include the future of energy, sustainability of water security, global peace and security, post-conflict reconstruction, art and creativity, and creating a safe world for women.  


The model of the United Nations Council for Human Rights (UNCHR) will take place during the fourth edition of the WYF. That is in addition to the World Youth Theater, and other events that will be launched for the first time this year. 



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