Sisi: Egypt fully supports Julius Nyerere Dam construction that achieves Tanzanian people’s aspiration



Wed, 10 Nov 2021 - 02:43 GMT


Wed, 10 Nov 2021 - 02:43 GMT

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah El Sisi speaks during a press conference with his Tanzanian counterpart, Samia Hassan, 10 November 2021 - Egyptian Presidency/screenshot

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah El Sisi speaks during a press conference with his Tanzanian counterpart, Samia Hassan, 10 November 2021 - Egyptian Presidency/screenshot

CAIRO – 10 November 2021: Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi reiterated Egypt’s full support to the implementation of the Julius Nyerere dam project, saying it achieves the aspirations of the brotherly Tanzanian people for a better life.

In a press conference in Cairo on Wednesday with his Tanzanian counterpart, Samia Hassan, Sisi said the dam project represents a model of Egypt’s support to the rights of the Nile Basin countries in achieving optimum use of water resources in a way that does not negatively affect the rights and resources of other countries.

“I affirm full support to the implementation of the Julius Nyerere dam project to ensure the best performance levels and construction standards so that the dam becomes a pioneering model and symbol of cooperation and friendship between Egypt, Tanzania and all sisterly African countries,” Sisi said.

The Egyptian president said he discussed with Hassan a number of regional and international issues of mutual concern as well as the developments regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) crisis with Sudan and Ethiopia.

GERD represents an “existential issue that affects the lives of millions of Egyptians,” Sisi said.

Sisi said he affirmed during the discussions with Hassan the need to reach a legally-binding agreement that regulates the filling and operation of the dam based on the international law rules and the outcome of the UN Security Council in this regard.

This should be “away from any unilateral approach that seeks to impose fait accompli and ignore the basic rights of peoples,” Sisi said, affirming that Egypt views the River Nile as a source of cooperation and development and life line for all Nile Basin countries.

Sisi expressed appreciation of the bilateral relations with Tanzania based on a “joint political will” that seeks to preserve and develop these ties in various fields during the coming period.

He added that his discussions with Hassans were “fruitful” and reflected mutual understanding and coordination on a number of bilateral and regional issues of mutual concern.

“Our political will has agreed on launching a new phase of strategic relations gathering the two countries and building on the important achievments witnessed by these relations during the past years,” Sisi said.

The Egyptian president said he affirmed during the discussions Egypt’s support to Tanzanian developmental plans to achieve progress and development for Tanzania.

“I also affirm Egypt’s readiness for cooperation regarding transferring Egyptian expertise, securing technical assistance, and enhancing building capabilities of Tanzanian national cadres, through providing training courses,” Sisi said.

He added that many Egyptian bodies provide these training courses to Tanzania, on top of which is the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development.

“We agreed on the importance of optimum exploitation of our resources to serve the interests of the two countries through boosting trade exchange rates,” Sisi said, saying Egypt hopes that trade between Egypt and Tanzania increase during the coming period.

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During the presser, Hassan said her visit has provided an “opportunity to enhance our bonds … which are built on a very solid foundation by our founding fathers” Nyerere and Nasser.

Hassan said she discussed with Sisi bilateral, regional, continental and global issues of mutual concern, including diplomatic, political, economic, and social ties, progress on the construction of the Julius Nyerere Dam and the need of enhancing cooperation in trade, education, sports, tourism.

“Upon (the dam) completion we’re expecting it’s going to produce 2115 mw of electricity,” Hassan said.

Hassan said she and Sisi reaffirmed satisfaction in the historic longstanding excellent relations with Egypt.

In regard to peace and security, Hassan said she informed Sisi that Tanzania continues to enjoy peace, stability and tranquility in all fields of life, including political, economic, social and cultural fields.

“This situation has provided an opportunity for the government to focus its efforts to strengthen economy and improve social services,” she said.

Hassan said the Tanzanian government appreciates the longstanding technical assistance provided by the government of Egypt through the various areas of cooperation.

She added that Egypt’s support to Tanzania in the education sector has played a vital role in building capacity, and increasing knowledge, skills and expertise

Concerning economic cooperation, Hassan called for Egyptian investors to explore opportunities in Tanzania, vowing that her government will provide the necessary facilitation for those willing to invest in the country.

“Tanzanian economy, like many other economies, succumbed to the effects of the covid pandemic. In order to revive our economy, we have introduced several packages in our key sectors affected by pandemic such as tourism and we expect to fairly grow economically,” Hassan said.

She added that the Tanzanian GDP is expected to grow by 4.6 this year and next year.

Tanzania welcomes investors from Egypt to come and explore investment opportunities in Tanzania in areas of livestock, agriculture sector, tourism and hospitality, pharmaceuticals, transportation, mining and manufacturing industries.

“My government will render the necessary facilitation to the Egyptian business community wishing to invest into business in the country,” she said.

On defense and security, Hassan said Egypt and Tanzania share mutual concern for peace and security at regional and global level.

She thanked Egypt for the continuous support in providing capacity building to the Tanzanian military personnel.

She added that discussions with Sisi also affirmed the need to further enhance cooperation by exchanging of expertise in peacekeeping and the fight against terrorism.

She hailed late Egyptian President Gamal Abdel-Nasser and Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere as “revolutionaries” who shared several views regarding Africa collaboration.

These two leaders were revolutionaries who shared several views on Africa collaboration and unity as well as struggle for global quality, justice system and economic emancipation of the African continent and people of Africa, she added.



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