Pics: Law drafted to tow away Egypt's abandoned cars, ending decades-long phenomenon



Sun, 03 Oct 2021 - 12:22 GMT


Sun, 03 Oct 2021 - 12:22 GMT

An abandoned cars being towed in Cairo in 2017 - ÷Ibrahim Ahmed, Youm7

An abandoned cars being towed in Cairo in 2017 - ÷Ibrahim Ahmed, Youm7

CAIRO – 3 October 2021: All abandoned vehicles in Egypt will be towed without permission from owners in six months after the relevant draft law is passed by the House of Representatives.


The towing and storing fees will be determined by the governor of each governorate. The officials of the governorate will write a report with the description and original location of the vehicle, the timing and reason of the towing, the number on the plate and name of the owner, if any or known, the number of motor and chassis, as well as the location and date of the storing.


The officials shall then notify the owner, if known, in 48 hours after the towing. The owner may waive his right to the car, in which case he won’t bear the towing and storing expenses.


If the owner demanded his vehicle, he should produce evidence of ownership and pay the towing and storing fees in two months after he was notified. If he failed to demand his vehicle in this window, the governorate may sell it.


Abandoned cars are a phenomenon in the country, especially in Cairo. The reasons why owners leave their cars behind are largely uknown or unspecific. Some cars look like they had terrible accidents and the wreckage was not worth a fix. Some others owners buy new cars and wait for a good sale for their old vehicles. When the wait is too long, they wait for the right vintage car buyer whom they believe will pay a huge amount for the vehicle.


In recent years, there have been reports that such cars have been used in terrorist attacks and other criminal activity, in addition to being a traffic obstacle. On the other hand, they have also been spectacles for nostalgic lovers and collectors of vintage cars. Security and ambition for modern, disciplined streets have, however, proved to be priorities in the most populous city in the Arab World.










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