Egyptian president launches charity caravan that earned 3 Guinness Records titles



Sun, 05 Sep 2021 - 11:57 GMT


Sun, 05 Sep 2021 - 11:57 GMT

Lorries taking part in the charity caravan targeting the most one million low-income families in Egypt – TV screenshot

Lorries taking part in the charity caravan targeting the most one million low-income families in Egypt – TV screenshot

CAIRO – 6 September 2021: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi launched Sunday Long Live Egypt Fund's charity caravan targeted at the most one million low-income families, and that garnered three Guinness Records titles.


Those are the world’s largest food donation, largest medical equipment donation, and largest home appliance donation.


A ceremony dubbed "Charity Doors" was held in the New Administrative Capital on the occasion. Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli stated that the caravan - prepared in collaboration with civil society - is worth LE650 million.


The prime minister added that the caravan is mainly intended to deliver one million food boxes for the most low-income families benefiting a total of five million citizens. A Long Live Egypt Fund official also noted that the caravan offers 6,298 medical equipment, and home appliances.


The fund has already been providing food boxes, clothes, and medical equipment, and partnered up with Orman Charity Association to build hundreds of houses at 556 rural villages and carry out thousands of cataract surgeries.


President Sisi said that when the Long Live Egypt Fund was launched, the target was collecting LE 100 billion in donations. Yet, that has not been achieved, the president stated asking the government to take steps to boost the organization's resources.


In a similar context, the chief of state thanked all individuals and entities that contributed to the social safety network initiatives.


Given that most families suffering from poverty live in rural areas, the president urged charity associations to grant rural families highly productive dairy cattle so they would get out of poverty faster.


The president also instructed the government to examine the possibility of giving poor families lands to cultivate, and allowing them to pay the price in installments without interest.


Later, President Sisi checked on the components of the world’s largest charity caravan. Speaking of medical equipment, there are devices measuring insulin level in blood, neonatal intensive care units, laparoscopy devices, and eye survey equipment. There are also medicines and clothes.


As for the food boxes, they contain two kilos of each of sugar and pasta as well as two packs of tea among others. Further, the president checked the furniture and home appliances used in the furnishing of residential units distributed among low-income families in return for a symbolic monthly rent.


Concluding his tour, the president visited the construction site of the Opera House in the New Administrative Capital.



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