Egypt’s New Delta project provides job opportunities for 5M citizens: study



Mon, 28 Jun 2021 - 12:50 GMT


Mon, 28 Jun 2021 - 12:50 GMT

Egypt’s New Delta project provides job opportunities for 5M citizens

Egypt’s New Delta project provides job opportunities for 5M citizens

CAIRO – 28 June 2021: At the beginning of the current year, 2021, Egypt announced the national project “New Delta,” which is considered the largest in the history of Egyptian agricultural projects.


The area of this project, when completed, is expected to be more than two million acres, and will contribute to providing job opportunities for more than 5 million citizens, according to a study by the Egyptian Center for Thought and Studies.


The study stated that this developmental project comes at the heart of the state’s policy, aiming at supporting the agricultural sector, in order to achieve food security.


The overpopulation crisis in Egypt, with a steady population growth estimated at 2 percent annually, leads to placing the strategic stock of agricultural products under constant pressure, which prompts the country to import tens of thousands of tons of agricultural products annually.


According to the study, the “New Delta” Project is expected to relieve pressure on the old agricultural land in the Nile Delta, which is currently suffering from the danger of depreciation and erosion as a result of the citizens’ need to construct new housing and service facilities that meet their rising needs.


The area will be cultivated with strategic crops like wheat, corn, and vegetables, and the cost of reclamation per feddan is LE200,000,





Here is the most important information you need to know about the New Delta Project:


1. The New Delta project to be established on nearly a million feddans


2. It aims to accommodate the increase in population inside the Delta area especially from young graduates


3. It aims to compensate for the loss of agricultural lands due to unjust construction


4. it was scheduled to finish within ten years, but President Abdel Fatah al Sisi directed that should be completed within two years


5. The implementation of all phases was merged into one phase


6. The New Delta is a huge achievement which aims to strength the state’s strategy in agricultural and urban expansion, achieving food security, and establishing new agricultural, urban and industrial societies.


7. The News Project will be relieving pressure on the delta area along with providing thousands of new job opportunities


8. The New Delta climate is the ‘Mediterranean climate’ which is suitable for all crops


9. The location of the project is unique and is close to the old delta, with a strong road network and close to ports, which supports the agricultural exportation to global markets.


10 The project aims at eliminating unemployment, increasing job opportunities along with achieving self-sufficient in many crops.













































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