Maadi Girl

Killers of Egypt’s Maadi girl handed down death penalty

Thu, 26 Nov 2020 - 11:59 GMT

The court filed the case to the Egyptian Grand Mufti to ask his advisory religious opinion on executing the two men. It also set December 30, 2020, for a final ruling.

Egypt’s top prosecutor refers 3 accused of killing Maadi girl to criminal court

Wed, 21 Oct 2020 - 01:19 GMT

The three men, whose murder of Mariam, has dominated social media over the past week, will be tried over charges of deliberate murder.

Maadi murder in Egypt: Third suspect detained for four days pending investigation

Sat, 17 Oct 2020 - 12:04 GMT

The third suspect faces accusations of helping carry out the crime with the two other people, according to the General Prosecution.

Egypt’s Prosecution: Two killers of Maadi girl detained for four days pending investigation

Fri, 16 Oct 2020 - 03:38 GMT

As per the initial investigations, the accused people confessed that they robbed the girl and ran away, without knowing that she was killed. They insisted that they did not mean to kill her.

Cairo’s Maadi girl killed after muggers caused her head to smash: Prosecution

Thu, 15 Oct 2020 - 09:51 GMT

This refutes an earlier claim on social media that the motive behind the incident was harassment.