Pics: Gang arrested with 193 statues, sarcophagus in Giza

Sat, 05 Oct 2019 - 02:07 GMT

Security forces have arrested a criminal gang over illegal archaeological excavation in Giza governorate.

German, British tourist delegations tours Minya's archaeological sites

Tue, 16 Apr 2019 - 09:44 GMT

A delegation of German and British tourists visited on Monday Malawi's Tuna el Gebel, Tell el-Amarna, and Beni Hassan archaeological sites.

Part three ... 2018: The year of archaeological discoveries

Mon, 31 Dec 2018 - 09:41 GMT

Egypt Today provides readers with a timeline of 2018's archaeological discoveries.

Part two ... 2018: The year of archaeological discoveries

Sun, 30 Dec 2018 - 09:37 GMT

Egypt Today provides readers with a timeline of 2018's archaeological discoveries.

Security around archaeological sites intensified during Eid

Sat, 09 Jun 2018 - 10:24 GMT

Ahead of Eid al-Fitr, the Egyptian government has intensified its preparations by declaring emergency in various sectors and facilities, as well as archaeological sites.

Remains of Greco-Roman era tombs uncovered

Wed, 10 Jan 2018 - 09:09 GMT

An official statement released by the Ministry of Antiquities mentioned that a number of archaeological elements and remains of tombs were uncovered.

Peru fire ravages ancient archaeological site

Mon, 13 Nov 2017 - 12:30 GMT

A fire destroyed a 2,000-year-old mural and much of the vestiges of an archaeological site in northern Peru on Sunday.

Foreign archaeological expeditions start in Fayyoum

Sat, 09 Sep 2017 - 10:50 GMT

Foreign archaeological teams from US, France, Germany and Italy started Saturday to work in ancient sites in Fayyoum.

Discovery of a new archaeological necropolis in Luxor

Wed, 30 Aug 2017 - 07:36 GMT

This necropolis contains 1,400 statues of different sizes, as well as coffins with mummies and masks.

Discovery of a New Archaeological Necropolis in Luxor

Sun, 27 Aug 2017 - 07:45 GMT

Discovery of a new archaeological necropolis in Luxor.

New archaeological discoveries to be revealed soon: Minister

Mon, 10 Jul 2017 - 01:32 GMT

Khaled El-Anany, Minister of Antiquities announced Monday soon will announce an important archaeological discovery that will astonish the world.

US returns stolen artifacts to Italy

Fri, 26 May 2017 - 07:53 GMT

The United States on Thursday returned to Italy stolen artifacts worth at least $90,000, dating back as far as the 8th century BC but looted and trafficked overseas

Grand Egyptian Museum prepares for unveiling King Tut’s treasures

Sun, 07 May 2017 - 08:22 GMT

The German team has reached a final display design for the halls that will hold the King Tutankhamun’s treasures.