Texas Governor unveils school safety plan after deadly shooting

Wed, 30 May 2018 - 10:34 GMT

Texas Governor unveiled a $110 million program intended to increase school safety by putting additional trained marshals inside schools.

Florida governor signs gun-safety bill into law after school shooting

Sat, 10 Mar 2018 - 03:50 GMT

Florida Governor Rick Scott on Friday signed into law a package of gun-safety measures raising the legal minimum age for buying rifles.

Trump doubles down on call to arm school teachers

Fri, 23 Feb 2018 - 12:30 GMT

Trump declared "gun free" schools a "magnet" for mass shooters Thursday, as he doubled down on a deeply controversial proposal to arm teachers in US schools.

Students, parents demand gun curbs after Florida slaughter

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 - 02:20 GMT

Anger boiled over among parents and students in Parkland, Florida on Friday over America's unwillingness to toughen gun control laws.

FBI warned about Florida gunman but failed to act

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 - 11:40 GMT

The FBI said Friday that it received a detailed warning last month that Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz was a danger but that it failed to act.

Trump calls for healing after Florida school shooting

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 - 05:19 GMT

Trump on Thursday called for healing and peace one day after a 19-year-old man was accused of killed at least 17 people at a Florida high school.

'Numerous fatalities' at Florida high school after ex-student opens fire

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 - 12:30 GMT

A former student at a Florida high school opened fire in the school on Wednesday.

Chile boosts protected parkland with US philanthropist's donations

Tue, 30 Jan 2018 - 11:22 GMT

Chile is expanding protected parkland in its stunning southern Patagonia region per a decree that incorporates reserves owned by a late American philanthropist.