Abu Qir

Thonis-Heracleion: An ancient Egyptian city that sank under water

Sun, 29 May 2022 - 11:27 GMT

The lost city of Thonis-Heracleion in ancient Egypt is one of the greatest submerged discoveries ever.

July 26 marks Alexandria’s National Day

Thu, 22 Jul 2021 - 12:43 GMT

It is the day that coincides with the departure of King Farouk on board the "Mahrousa" yacht, on his way to exile in Italy, following the revolution of July 23, 1952.

Egyptian-French archaeological mission discovers warship from Ptolemaic era, remains of Greek funerary area dating back to 4th century BC

Mon, 19 Jul 2021 - 12:51 GMT

The Egyptian-French archaeological mission of the European Institute for Underwater Archeology (IEASM), discovered the wreck of a warship from the Ptolemaic period.

Egypt to launch global tender to implement 1st metro project in Alexandria

Mon, 22 Mar 2021 - 12:12 GMT

Egypt’s National Tunnels Authority readies to launch a global tender for the implementation of the first metro project in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria.

Two royal statues placed in GEM’s Great Staircase

Wed, 26 Aug 2020 - 02:00 GMT

These two colossal statues were found underwater in the Bay of Abu Qir, 6.5 km off the coast of Alexandria.

Excavation mission uncovers Roman antiquities in Abu Qir

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 - 02:33 GMT

An excavation mission discovered three shipwrecks and some historical pieces in Abu Qir.