Egyptian nationality

Naturalized Egyptian women can now pass down nationality to minor kids

Wed, 31 May 2023 - 04:37 GMT

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi ratified on Wednesday an amendment to the Egyptian nationality law, granting naturalized women the right to pass the nationality down to their minor children.

et guide: All procedures foreigners need to know if applying for Egyptian citizenship

Thu, 21 Apr 2022 - 10:43 GMT

The Egyptian Nationality Law sets out many controls and procedures that regulate the process of granting the Egyptian nationality to foreigners.

Four ways you can be a naturalized Egyptian

Tue, 10 Dec 2019 - 03:31 GMT

A foreigner may acquire the Egyptian nationality in four cases as long as he does not have a mental disability and has never been convicted of a crime, unless he was later acquitted.

Parliament censured for approving law naturalizing ‘foreigners with deposits’

Mon, 16 Jul 2018 - 09:30 GMT

Egypt’s Parliament approved Sunday a law that allows foreigners residing in Egypt to obtain the Egyptian nationality for a bank deposit of LE 7 million.

Marouf Youssef seeks Egyptian nationality

Wed, 14 Mar 2018 - 04:00 GMT

Marouf Youssef’s agent said that the latter asked him to seriously seek and inquire about how to get Egyptian nationality.

Interior min. let 21 citizens obtain foreign nationalities

Thu, 26 Oct 2017 - 07:59 GMT

Interior Minister Magdy Abdel Ghaffar allowed 21 Egyptians to obtain foreign nationalities, while retaining their Egyptian nationality.