Erdogan says Turkey must have control of planned North Syria safe zone

Wed, 06 Mar 2019 - 07:55 GMT

Turkey cannot accept control of a planned safe zone in northern Syria being given to anyone else, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday.

Daesh fighters pinned in tiny Syria enclave with families

Wed, 30 Jan 2019 - 08:27 GMT

ISIS fighters in eastern Syria are pinned down in a final tiny pocket with their wives and children.

All Kurdish YPG have left Syria's Manbij - local militia

Mon, 16 Jul 2018 - 12:00 GMT

The last Syrian Kurdish YPG fighters left the northern Syrian town of Manbij, the militia controlling the town saidز

Turkey, rebel allies have lost hundreds in Afrin fighting, Erdogan says

Sat, 21 Apr 2018 - 06:57 GMT

Turkey and its Syrian rebel allies have lost "hundreds" of fighters in total since the start of a campaign in northwest Syria three months ago.

ANALYSIS: Why U.S. won’t leave Syria, impact of Douma chemical attack

Tue, 10 Apr 2018 - 09:43 GMT

Following the recent chemical weapons attack in Douma, the debate about a U.S. withdrawal has become further interlinked with the humanitarian question.

Manbij is Erdogan's next military target in Syria...why?

Thu, 29 Mar 2018 - 02:25 GMT

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed that his next target, after occupying Afrin city, will be the city of Manbij

Turkey sits on a tightrope in Syria, threatens ISIS revival

Sun, 25 Mar 2018 - 04:02 GMT

Operation Olive Branch had the opportunity to seriously strain the delicate balance of power in Syria, and the capture of Afrin city affirms Turkey’s ambitions in the long term

Turkish occupation of Afrin: The game and gamble for Syria

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 - 02:58 GMT

Fifty-eight days after Ankara instigated Operation Olive Branch, the Turkish army and its allied mercenaries have raised the Turkish flag in Afrin city centre

Turkey is isolating the Kurds in Afrin, but who will ultimately be alone?

Thu, 15 Mar 2018 - 05:11 GMT

Fifty-five days since the launch of Operation Olive Branch, the Turkish-led military assault has made significant gains against Kurdish positions in Afrin.

Turkish offensive in Syria leads to pause in some operations against IS

Mon, 05 Mar 2018 - 07:54 GMT

The Pentagon acknowledged on Monday that a Turkish offensive against a U.S.-backed militia in Syria had affected the fight against Islamic State.

ANALYSIS: Turkey is isolated, is its military to blame?

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 - 04:54 GMT

Turkey’s foreign policy under Erdoğan has led Ankara astray from its western allies and has done little to build bridges with its easterly neighbors

Car bomb in Syria's Qamishli kills five people - state media

Sun, 18 Feb 2018 - 10:30 GMT

A car bomb exploded in the Kurdish-dominated city of Qamishli in northeastern Syria on Sunday, killing five people and injuring seven.

Syrian Kurdish official: deal for Syrian army to enter Afrin

Sun, 18 Feb 2018 - 10:10 GMT

Syrian Kurdish forces and the Damascus government have reached an agreement for the Syrian army to enter the Afrin region to help repel a Turkish offensive.

Turkey demands U.S. expel Kurdish militia from anti-Islamic State force

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 - 11:30 GMT

Turkey said on Thursday it had demanded the United States expel a Kurdish militia from forces it backs in Syria.

Turkish helicopter shot down by Kurdish militia in Syria's Afrin

Sun, 11 Feb 2018 - 03:50 GMT

A Turkish army helicopter was shot down by Syrian Kurdish YPG fighters near the north Syrian town of Afrin.

Turkish forces prepare for long haul on Syria frontline

Fri, 26 Jan 2018 - 11:40 GMT

Only a few olive groves separate Turkish special forces and allied Syrian rebels from Kurdish militia fighters.

Turkey to U.S.: End support for Syrian Kurd YPG or risk confrontation

Fri, 26 Jan 2018 - 12:00 GMT

Turkey urged the United States on Thursday to halt its support for Kurdish YPG fighters or risk confronting Turkish forces on the ground in Syria.

French IS member Koenig arrested

Tue, 09 Jan 2018 - 01:27 GMT

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) arrested days ago the dangerous French Islamic State (IS) member Emilie Koenig in Syria.

Erdogan says Turkey must clear Syria's Afrin of YPG militia

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 - 12:09 GMT

President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday that Turkey needed to clear the Afrin region of northwest Syria of Kurdish YPG militia fighters.

Untangling Turkey's Knot in Northern Syria

Thu, 12 Oct 2017 - 04:52 GMT

The lack of transparency begs the question of Turkey’s true motives in Idlib and greater Syria.