Airbus 380- CC via Wikimedia Airbus 380- CC via Wikimedia

Ladder specialized for Airbus 380 reaches Egypt

Thu, May. 10, 2018
CAIRO – 10 May 2018: The Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation of the Cairo International Airport received an emergency ladder designed specifically for Airbus 380, the largest aircraft in the world.

Engineer Mohammed Saeed Mahrous, chairman of the company, announced that Cairo International Airport had always been ready with the facilities necessary for such aircrafts to land safely on the runway, but the ladder for the specified airbus was missing, which disabled such aircrafts to land in Cairo International Airport.

Mahrous mentioned in his statements that the ladder costs €824,000 and that the company was able to receive it with all its parts. Cairo International Airport is now ready to welcome any Airbus 380 aircraft to land in its runways, according to Mahrous.

Among the first aviation companies that owned Airbus 380 aircrafts are Emirates, Singaporean and Itihad airlines, which are considered the pioneers of the aviation industry globally.

Airbus 380 is a huge aircraft and is a double decker. It was first manufactured by Airbus company in 2004. There are around 538 of that specific aircraft operating globally. These aircrafts are designed for long-haul flights and can welcome more than 600 passengers on board; Airbus 380 is a powerful aircraft and is machined to fly long, endless hours without stopping.

Airbus 380 is more advanced than any other commercial type of aircrafts manufactured to date. It uses environmentally friendly components, is designed to operate in “low noise mode” and is the lowest among all other aircrafts in terms of emissions. Different parts of the aircraft are manufactured in different countries in Europe such as Spain and England and then sent to France to be assembled by Airbus Company.
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