Chinese tourists in Egypt, January 23, 2005 – CC via Wikimedia Commons Chinese tourists in Egypt, January 23, 2005 – CC via Wikimedia Commons

China invites Egypt to Participate in China international lmport Expo

Mon, Feb. 5, 2018
CAIRO – 5 February 2018: China has invited Egypt to participate in the China International Import Expo, which will be held in November 2018.

Head of the Egyptian Tourism Federation Nora Ali revealed that the China International Federation invited Egypt to participate in the expo to promote the Egyptian tourism sector. The expo will be held in Shanghai, China in November 2018.

All travel agencies participating in the exhibition will have to contact the exports marketing department of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The exhibition’s management team will offer a 70 percent discount starting from February 7, 2018 for all companies and agencies participating in the exhibition.

This step successfully reflects the strong relationships between both China and Egypt. During the International Cooperation Forum held in Beijing in May 2017, China declared the establishment of the International lmport Expo for 2018 and welcomed Egypt, among many other countries, to participate.

It is expected that Chinese imports will increase to $2 trillion in the next five years as a result of trade exchange with neighboring countries, which will effectively raise investment income in these countries to around $150 million.
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