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A tour at biographical museums in Egypt

Sat, Oct. 7, 2017
CAIRO – 7 October 2017: Egypt Today will take you through three museums that are filled with the lives of long-gone, long-lost beloved artists who changed the Egyptian culture.

Ahmed Shawky Museum
From above the Nile Corniche in Giza, you will see the Ahmed Shawky Museum; it is the home of its namesake, a renowned poet, and was established in 1920. After his death, it was turned into a museum in honor of the great poet, to document all his memories and personal tools.

The museum comprises two levels along with the basement level; the first floor includes his library with all his notebooks, diaries, and books. There is also a smoking area on the opposite side. The first floor also conjoins another library, but that one is designated to visitors. Visitors are allowed to read any of Shawky’s books.

Ahmed Shawky Museum – The Ministry of State for Administrative Reform

The second floor is contains Shawky’s bedroom, which has been preserved in its original until after his death. It still has the same style and paintings. His wife’s room is adjacent to his on the same floor.

For LE 10 ($0.5), you can transport yourself back to older times, in a house that preserves the life and memories of this iconic owner.

Mohamed Abdel-Wahab Museum

Mohamed Abdel Wahab Oud – The Ministry of state for Administrative Reform

From the heart of Cairo, Mohamed Abdel-Wahab Museum opens its door for you. Located at 22 Ramses St, just before Al-Tawfiqiya, Downtown, the museum is in one of the most beautiful areas of Cairo.

Mohamed Abdel Wahab Oud – The Ministry of state for Administrative Reform

The home of the composer, singer and Oud player, who sang and composed thousands, becomes the music lovers' appreciated museum. It is divided into two halls; the first one highlights the road from his childhood to his career in the world of art and music; while the second hall embraces his office, his furniture, and his most beloved Oud.

Um Kulthum Museum

Um Kulthum Museum

This museum houses what is left behind by Egypt’s legendary singer, Um Kulthum. Her personal paraphernalia, an audio visual library of her great performances, and her shoes, jewelry and dresses are also exhibited there.

Um Kulthum Museum

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