Belarus coach Shevtsov expects a tough match against Egypt


Thu, 21 Jan 2021 - 12:10 GMT

File- Belarus coach Yuri Shevtsov

File- Belarus coach Yuri Shevtsov

CAIRO-21 January 2021: Belarus handball national team achieved a surprising 26:26 draw with Sweden, one of the main contenders for the World Cup title.

Belarus coach Yuri Shevtsov was happy with his team's performance in the match, which kept them in the race for the top two spots in the group. 
Shevtsov said "I'm happy because this was a difficult game, we were better in the beginning and our defence was good but it got worse which the Swedes took advantage of,"
Belarus were leading at the break 15:10 but Sweden fought back in the second half and they were leading with one goal, four seconds before the final whistle but a screamer from Andriy Yurynok secured the draw for Belarus.
Shevtsov added " I'm proud of my team and the result and the point, we will fight till the end." 
Belarus will take on Egypt in the next match and their head coach believes that it will be a tough clash against the hosts.
Shevtsov continued "The game against Egypt will be difficult, especially playing at home."
Belarus are fifth in the group with two points while Egypt and Slovenia are second with four points, one point behind the leaders Sweden. 
Egypt hosts the competition between 13 and 31 January 2021, with the participation of 32 teams for the first time in the competition's history.



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