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Mon, 18 Jan 2021 - 06:41 GMT

CAIRO, 18 January 2021: The first Qatari handball team beat their Japanese counterpart, 31-29, in the second round of Group C of the 27th World Championship, which was held in Egypt from 13 to 31 January.

The first half ended with the Japanese team leading 16-15, before the Qatari team adjusted their position and reaped match points.

“I am proud of the players' performance as they proved their ability to beat their opponents and reach the main round of the World Championship,” López said after the game.

“Despite losing a number of talented players due to injury, we performed well and snatched the victory,”

Qatar will face Croatia in the third round of Group C games on Tuesday.

“I am happy with reaching the main round and we will start our preparations for the coming game against Croatia,” the Spanish coach added.

Qatari skipper Ameen Zakkar revealed that his team deserved the victory after their superb performance, confirming he is proud of his teammates.

“The victory was an expected result due to our team’s performance despite the absence of more talented players,” Zakkar said.



Meanwhile, Japan’s coach Dagur Sigurðsson of Iceland confirmed that the game against Qatar was very difficult, confirming his team did their best in the first period and snatched the lead.

“Qatar played a very good game as the game was difficult,” Japan coach said.

“We prepare the current squad for four years and we are on the right way to develop our performance,”

Japanese captain Remi Anri Doi thanked their opponents Qatar team for their superb performance during the game, confirming he and his teammates did their best to claim the victory but they were suspended by the cemented Qatari defence.

“We did some mistakes and lost more score chances that was the reason of losing the game,” Doi said.

Japan will take on Angola in the third round of Group C games on Tuesday.

“I am confident that Japan will qualify for the main round of the world championship by achieving the victory in the coming game,” the Japanese star added.





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