Zamalek COVID-19 tests result in some positive cases: EFA


Sun, 05 Jul 2020 - 11:34 GMT

CAIRO 05 July 2020: Walid Al-Attar, Executive Director of the Egyptian Football Association, announced that there are some positive cases appeared after the first set of COVID-19 tests done to Zamalek's staff.
Al-Attar said: "There are positive cases appeared in Zamalek team."
"We sent the results of the survey to Zamalek, and the second survey will be done after 5 or 6 days, and we, as EFA, do not announce any names and leave the matter to the clubs," he added in his statements via Sada Al-Balad channel.
He continued, "Since the beginning of the tests in clubs, we didn't announce the names of the cases out of respect for privacy, and we leave it to the player and the club."
"The entire cases in the league are mostly simple and asymptomatic," he noted.
Walid Al-Attar went on to talk about the Egyptian league schedule, noting "We have sent the proposed league schedule to the relevant security authorities and we are awaiting the official response."
He explained, "After obtaining the response of the security authorities, we will officially announce the schedule of the first stage of the league, and after announcing the dates of the semi-final matches of the Champions League and the Confederation, we will announce the rest of the table."
He continued his speech, saying: "The postponement of the African Nations Championship will make there some kind of comfort in the new season."



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