Costacurta explains the difference between Messi and Maradona


Sat, 30 May 2020 - 11:43 GMT

File- Alessandro Costacurta

File- Alessandro Costacurta

CAIRO_30 May 2020: Former AC Milan defender, Alessandro Costacurta, states that he is lucky to face both Lionel Messi and Diego Armando Maradona.

The Italian legend spent over 20 years with the Italian giants and he formed a formidable partnership with AC Milan legend, Paolo Maldini.

"They are similar in genius terms and in the way they express themselves on the pitch, but Messi is cooler than Maradona," Costacurta said.

The Italian defender started his career with Milan in 1986 and he witnessed the magic of Maradona that led Napoli to clinch two Italian league titles.

The defender added "Maradona could be fouled 66 times before [the opposition player would be] warned. With Leo it is different, it is something else now."

Costacurta did not have the chance to challenge Messi at his prime as he retired from football in 2007 when Messi was just 20.

Costacurta continued "At the time [I faced him], Messi was 16 years old and at first I took him to be a child and did what I wanted. But then, after a quarter of an hour, I asked [Milan coach Carlo] Ancelotti to sub me off."



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