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Abo Rida rejects French doctors' racist call against Africa

Sat, Apr. 4, 2020
CAIRO_4 April 2020: Member of the FIFA Council and CAF Executive Committee, Hany Abo Rida, strongly rejected the racist call of two French doctors who suggested to test potential coronavirus vaccines in Africa.

Abo Rida stated that he was shocked by the call, which goes against all human rights norms, and affirmed his complete rejection of all forms of racism and racial discrimination.

Abo Rida affirmed that FIFA and CAF as well as the Charter of the United Nations stand against all forms of discrimination and he demanded apology for Africa and its people on this unacceptable insult.

Jean Paul Mira, head of the resuscitation service at the Hospital Cochin in Paris, and Camille Locht, director of research at the Inserm, the French health and medical research institute suggested conducting clinical trials in Africa to study and combat coronavirus during their talk at The French television station LCI.
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