Egyptian Football team in Military World Cup - Final Egyptian Football team in Military World Cup - Final

Egypt qualify to Military World Cup quarter-finals

Sun, Oct. 20, 2019
CAIRO, 20 October 2019: The Military Football Team defeated Canada 3-0 in their third match at the Military World Cup in China from Oct. 16 to 29. The match kicked off on Sunday morning, CLT, amid heavy rain in Wuhan, China.

Egypt qualified to the Military World Cup quarter-finals with four points in their record from a draw against Greece & a victory over Canada.

Egypt’s Brazilian coach, Farias, started the game with a team consisting of "Mohamed Shaaban, Ahmed Alaa, Ali El-Fil, Islam Serry, Assem Salah, Mohannad Lasheen, Amr El-Sisi, Ahmed Samir, Abou El-Magd Boucha, Karim Tarek and Amr Gamal."

Farias has pushed three changes: Abdel Rahman Zola instead of Islam Serri, Karim Mamdouh instead of Karim Tarek and Ahmed Kaboria instead of Amr El Sisi.

The Brazilian Sergio Farias, announced the list of the team that will participate in the military World Cup and the list included 21 players are: "Mohamed Bassam, Mohamed Shaaban, Ali Mohab, Ahmed Sami, Ahmed Alaa, Mohamed Abou El Magd Boucha, Islam Serry, Assem Salah, Mohamed Nasif, Mahmoud Sami, Amr Sisi, Ahmed Caboria, MuhannadLashin and Ahmed Daouda, Ahmed Abdel Rahman Zola, Ahmed Samir, Karim Tarek, Mamdouh Khaled Abdel Meguid, Hussam Paulo, Amr Gamal and Mohamed Shehata.

The technical and coaching staff of the Egyptian military team in the tournament include: Brigadier General Ahmed Fouad El Mahdy Director of the football, Sergio Farias technical coach, El Sayed Swerki goalkeeper coach, Stefano Mpakbazu load scheme, Mahmoud Abdel Ghani translator, Yousra Irfan administrative manager, Mohamed Mokhtar director of players affairs , Mohamed Abdel Rahman Doctor, Mohamed Adel Hakam, Tahseen Abu Sadat Hakam.
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