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El Badry satisfied after defeating Botswana

Tue, Oct. 15, 2019
CAIRO – 15 October 2019: Egyptian National coach Hossam El Badry expressed satisfaction with the victory of his team against Botswana, especially as it is the first game of the Pharaohs of his reign.

Egypt defeated Botswana 1-0 at Borg el Arab stadium in a friendly game. This is Hossam El Badry’s first game as a coach for the Egyptian national team

Hossam El Badry said: "The camp was for a short period, but circumstances prevented it.There is a new group joined and our choices were multiple."

Hossam El Badry added that the Olympic team players will be with the national team in the coming period, stressing that he spoke with the players and thanked them for the discipline that happened in the last period during the duration of the camp.

Al-Badry stressed that the choice in the coming period will be based on justice, stressing that the team will not be for certain players in the coming period.

Al-Badry confirmed that he had achieved many of his goals against Botswana, especially as he applied many ideas in the game.

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