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Fans supporting was crucial for Ismaily: Ibrahim Othman

Tue, Sep. 17, 2019
CAIRO, 17 September 2019:Ismaili Chairman Ibrahim Othman praised the team's appearance against AhliBani Ghazi of Libya last Friday in the Arab Championship.

Ismaili beat Ahli Bani Ghazi 4-2 at the Ismailia Stadium in the first leg of the 32nd round of the Arab Championship.

Ibrahim Othman said in statements to the official website of Ismaili: "The team and the fans were responsible as much in the game, which contributed to a comfortable result before the second leg in Tunisia."

"I also thank the coaching staff for their great efforts with the team in the recent period to achieve harmony between new and old players."

"The fans were great, their support was perfect," Ibrahim Othman said.

Madbouli participated in his first official meeting with Ismaili since joiningfromZamalek, after he appeared in front of AhliBani Ghazi in the Mohammed VI Championship.

Ismaili will play against El Gouna on September 21 in the first round of the Egyptian league.
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