When football gift, glory pass across generations



Sun, 11 Jun 2017 - 10:55 GMT


Sun, 11 Jun 2017 - 10:55 GMT

Kasper Schmiechel, Reuters

Kasper Schmiechel, Reuters

CAIRO – 11 June 2017: Prominent football players who are gifted with talent and have a great passion for the game, inspired their sons to follow through in their footsteps, to not only some of them reach to their father’s glory, but may even surpass them. Here are examples of fathers and sons who continued the football legacy family name:

5 - Kluivert

Patrick Kluivert had a great football career playing for some of the best teams in Europe, but his best days were at Barcelona where he played 6 years scoring 98 goals.

He was one of the best forwards in the world and had a starting position in the Netherlands national team squad during his playing time.

His son Justin Kluivert hopes to complete his father’s legacy in football. He is playing for Ajax, the same team which witnessed his father’s debut.

4 – Simeone

The Simeone family has the same character of being strong and have a great passion for the game. The father, Diego Simeone, had a great career in Europe playing for great teams in Italy “Inter Milan, Lazio” and Spain “Sevilla, Athletico Madrid.” He also captained Argentina national team in 1998.
Giovanni Simeone, his son, played for Argentina giants River Plate and is playing now in Genoa in Italy.

3- Alcantara

They are a great football family, 2 young brothers playing on top level in Europe, Thiago is playing for Bayern Munich and his brother Rafinha is playing for Barcelona.

The father, Mazinho, is a world cup winner in 1994 with Brazil and he is now the godfather of his 2 sons’ careers.

2- Maldini

Football history would have changed without this family. They have together 11 Italian League titles and they won 6 Champions League trophies of total 7 won in the club history.

The father, Cesare, played 12 years for AC Milan and his son Paolo completed the family career with AC Milan playing 24years for the club.

Maldini the father managed Maldini the son in 1998 world cup.

1- Schmeichel

Both of them are goalkeepers and premier league winners. Peter, the father, had a great career with Manchester United winning 5 premier leagues and Champions League.

Kasper, the son, won the premier league with Leicester City in 2016 for the first time in the history of the club.

Kasper’s performance brought to minds the historical days of his father.

Football is a great game and the glory like the talent passes through generations



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