Meet Montasser Al Nabarawy: the mastermind behind the brilliant AFCON FAN ID system “Tazkarti“



Tue, 09 Jul 2019 - 01:39 GMT


Tue, 09 Jul 2019 - 01:39 GMT

Montasser Al Nabarawy, the mastermind behind AFCON FAN ID system: photo via Facebook

Montasser Al Nabarawy, the mastermind behind AFCON FAN ID system: photo via Facebook

CAIRO - 9 July 2019: We did know that Egyptian management is capable of realizing a goal once it was set as a challenge, however, we did not expect such an impressive success found in the organization of the Africa Cup tournament.

We did expect a brilliant hosting of a prestigious biennial tournament as Egyptians are usually capable of showing off when met with big challenges. But we did not expect such an ingenuity beyond imagination during a record-breaking time, a success that matches Russian success in hosting the World Cup tournament in 2018.

If the success of the African tournament had owners then on the top of them would be the Chairman and Managing Director of Egyptian for Marketing service which owns Tazkarti Marketing services company, Montasser Al Nabarawy.


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Al-Nabarawy is one of the unsung heroes who embody the slogan of “Serving the country with silence”, his humility pushes him towards denying himself any pride to glorify the role of the members of the team helping him.


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We will have a quick flashback to fathom the success achieved by al-Nabarawy, to times where matches were attended by hooligans and vandals who made sure to have fireworks and knives in order to start unreasonable bloody fights where chaos had the upper hand, and no one was held accountable amid such a lunatic atmosphere.


The club used to print the game tickets to be leaked into the black market where con artists made fortunes of the fans seeking to watch their beloved game.

During that time, we did not know any of the followed regulations to attend a football game, seat numbers, fan IDs, etc.. Then we had Russia introducing a brilliant technology that brought together the security top performance, information fluidity and providing fans with all the comfort means no matter what their number was.


The challenge was to host a tournament organized in a way similar to the Russian approach during a few months period, unlike the years that big Russia had to host the World Cup.

Al Nabarawy and his team accepted the challenge and vowed to organize a tournament not less than the Russian World Cup.

Tazakarti company was established to supervise all the marketing and organizing of the Africa Cup tournament, shortly after the FAN ID system was introduced to all the fans whether they are Egyptians, Arabs or Africans who want to support their team during the tournament.

We were introduced to the electronic ticket with serial numbers to avoid being forged or sold through the black market. The peak of this system was to have a ticket linked to the Identification card or the passport and the number of the seat in the stadium to make it possible to anyone to attend a game without having such documents.

This system realized the security and luxury of the fans attending the games as all their data was stored in the information systems installed in all the stadiums where the games are played. Due to Tazkarti, the games were attended by civilized fans where no place was available for hooligans and vandals.

Any fan was capable of booking his game ticked without even being in Egypt through the Internet to have it waiting for him after arriving in Egypt. Al Nabarawy and his efficient team were the unsung heroes who stood behind such a massive effort.



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