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Abu Al-Ghar qualifies for CIB Championship semi-final

Thu, Jun. 13, 2019
CAIRO -13 June 2019: Mohamed Abu Al-Ghar, ranked eighth in the Squash world, took second ticket in the semi-finals of the CIB Squash Championship after eliminating Wadi Degla's ranked number one, Ali Farag by total number of points.

Abu Al-Ghar defeated his compatriot Karim Abdelgawad, world number four, in a 24 minutes game. Abu Al-Ghar won 2-0 by total number of points equals 8.

Ali Farag's victory over Newzealand's Paul Cole wasn't enough as his total number of points equaled 7. Abu Al-Ghar's victory of Abdelgawad was more valuable than Farag's.

CIB Squash Championship, organized by Wadi Degla club, is considered one of the Platinum championships, with prize money of 162 thousand dollars for men and the same for women. The tournament witnesses the participation of Eight World ranked players from Men & Women.
The tournament takes place at Mall of Arabia, Sheikh Zayed City in Giza.
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