Medals are great, but not enough for Egyptian athletes



Fri, 27 Jul 2018 - 04:50 GMT


Fri, 27 Jul 2018 - 04:50 GMT

Individual sports’ champions – Press photo

Individual sports’ champions – Press photo

CAIRO – 27 July 2018: Many questions spin in minds of individual sports’ heroes as they still suffer reluctance of the businessmen and companies’ sponsorship.

Despite the achievements of individual sports’ champions in all the competitions, but they can’t find a proper sponsorship which will give them a forward push towards achieving greater honor for Egypt.

Individual Sports in Egypt are not popular, which caused the champions to lose interest as they didn’t find care. Recently, it led that a few of them searched for naturalization to get high rewards, especially as they get in Egypt a few rewards of the medals they receive.

How Individual Sports’ associations analyze the situation? Associations’ Presidents spoke up declaring their opinions about the issue.

Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Ghoneim – Boxing Association President

Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Ghoneim

The main reason for the absence of businessmen and companies to sponsor Individual sports’ stars is the lack of media coverage largely on these heroes and not appearing on television screens.

Everybody knows that sponsors prefer football as it’s full of stars.

The biggest evidence of the lack of media coverage is the uproar that occurred after the heroes won medals at the Mediterranean Games in Spain and now no one talks about them.

Mohamed Mahgoub – Weightlifting Association President

Mohamed Mahgoub

It’s all about how much money the sponsors would gain out of the individual sports; this is how it works.

Sponsors pay money for what people prefer; people cheer only on the day of the victory. Another factor which affects the individual sport that it is not broadcasted.

Hany Hamouda – Hockey Association president

Hany Hamouda
Hany Hamouda

Culture of love for the popular game, football, is the most important factor of the absence of sponsors. Change will be achieved only if the people believe in the individual sports through the upcoming generations.

Abdel Moneim Elhosseiny – Fencing Association President

Abdel Moneim ElHosseiny

People’s interest affects the sponsors a lot. Unfortunately, this problem will long last as the most believe only in football.



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