Mselhy hopes to repeat 2005's volleyball achievement



Tue, 26 Jun 2018 - 04:26 GMT


Tue, 26 Jun 2018 - 04:26 GMT

File- Mohamed Mselhy

File- Mohamed Mselhy

CAIRO – 26 June 2018: CAIRO – 26 June 2018: Egyptian national Volleyball team manager, Mohamed Mselhy, leads the national team squad at the 2018 Mediterranean Games in Tarragona, Spain.

The national team plays in Group C at the preliminary round alongside Macedonia and the host nation, Spain.

They secured a spot at the quarter finals after achieving a 3-2 victory over Macedonia at the first game; they will face Turkey on Tuesday night at the last game of the preliminary round.


Mselhy was in the 2005 national team squad that won the gold medal; they remain the only Egyptian team to win a gold medal in a first team international competition.

In 2005, Mselhy was accompanied by many great players like Hamdy el-Safy, Ossama Kemsan, Wael al-Aydy and Ashraf Aboul Hassan.

In 2005, The Egyptian team played in group D alongside Spain and Croatia. Egypt lost against Spain the first match 3-0, but won the second match over Croatia 3-2, securing their ticket to the quarter finals.

Expectations rose after Egypt’s great performance against Greece with the 3-0 quarter final victory.

The semifinals were a tough set of games against European volleyball giants, Serbia. Egypt won the first two sets and lost the third, but the Egyptians’ will power led them to the victory after winning the fourth set.

The final was a replay of the first match in the tournament against Spain, but Egypt finished with a different result.

Spain was confident of winning; Spain won the first and third sets and Egypt won the second and fourth sets, leading to a break set to determine the final winner.

Both teams shared control over the set, but the Egyptian team succeeded to win the set 18-16 in one of the most amazing achievements in Egyptian sports history.

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Egypt will meet Turkey on Wednesday at the quarter finals.



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