Mohamed Salah with Liverpool – Courtesy of Salah’s official Twitter account Mohamed Salah with Liverpool – Courtesy of Salah’s official Twitter account

UPDATED: Salah on his issue with EFA, I wished for a better way, Abd Elaziz resolves

Sun, Apr. 29, 2018
CAIRO – 29 April 2018: Liverpool’s Egyptian forward, Mohamed Salah, has expressed his displeasure after his image rights dispute with the Egyptian Football Association (EFA).

Finally, the issue seems to be in its way to be solved after Salah has posted on his account on Twitter his thanks to all the people who supported him on Sunday.

"I thank all the people for your great support today .. In fact the reaction was abnormal and I was very happy with your response .. We have been promised to solve the issue and God willing it will be solved .. Thank you again"

Youth and Sports Minister Khaled Abd Elaziz reached an agreement with EFA president Hany Abou Reida to resolve all the problems concerning Salah.

"I reached an agreement with Engineer Hany Abou Reida to implement all Mohamed Salah's requests; and I assure that all of us will stand by Salah to implement all his contracts concluded in England to avoid facing any problems,"

Abd Elaziz, this afternoon, decided to solve the current issue between Salah and the EFA.

"We will communicate with all the parties to solve the crisis; especially since Egypt is going to participate in the 2018 World Cup. In addition to that, Mohamed Salah is an idol for the Egyptian youth, loving and loyal to his homeland and represents his country in Europe in the best way," Khaled Abd Elaziz posted on Twitter.

Salah is facing, along with his agent Ramy Abbas, a problem with the EFA concerning the use of his photo on the Egyptian national team’s airplane without his permission.

“Unfortunately, the way they dealt with us is a very big insult; I wished for better treatment,” Salah posted a tweet on Sunday.

Salah’s tweet went viral on social platforms; it is reported that he posted the tweet after being ignored by the EFA.

The EFA previously revealed the letter sent to Ramy Abbas, on April 2, in response to the use of Salah’s image in commercials without permission.


Ramy Abbas threatened the EFA, in an official letter, that he will take legal actions to protect Salah’s rights, which have been violated.

Egyptian football fans launched a hasthag on Twitter named “SupportSalah” showing support to their favorite player who brought joy with his goals for Liverpool and the Egyptian national team.


Salah is like a God in Liverpool and England, but does he get the same treatment in Egypt?
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